Jr. Assistant Purser "A Letter from Employer Justifying the need"?

I have applied for a COR endorsment as Jr. Assistant Purser. I work on a Super Yacht and do alot of Human Resource duties. Payroll, benefits, Contracts, ships store logs, etc… The NMC says I need a letter from an employer justifying the need for this endorsment. Does anyone know what they are looking for? What should it say?

I believe what they are looking for is precedent showing them previously documented positions with this title, an industry need for the position, and qualifications needed to fulfill the position. In my 20 years of cruising around the CFRs, I don’t ever recall seeing the phrase “Junior Assistant” anything. You may be asking for a endorsement for a position that doesn’t exist.

The endorsement is real. 46 CFR 11.807. Chapter 14 in the Marine Safety Manual may help but not much. I would go with the requirement if you operate in “ocean service”. Whether you have or not, can you theoretically participate on the ocean or great lakes? Put that in a letter and see where it gets you.

Wow. Never saw that endorsement before.

Seems to be an antiquated endorsement. BUT, the junior assistant actually has NO service requirement. There doesn’t even seem to be an exam needed for this!

Think I will apply for it as well, makes a nice addition to my printable wall cert!

It is not an endorsement. It is its own “ticket”. About the only place you would ever use it would be MSC. If you work as a supply utilityman for a while you could get the asst. Jr Purser.

Wouldn’t it be appropriate to find out what vessel requires a Purser, and then go to the why should one be ‘licensed’ as one?

This reminds me of the specifically New York phenomenon of the title “Barge Captain” and its relevance in the industry as a whole.

Just because someone feels they should be ‘called’ something, really has no correlation to the actual CFR, USCG job title, and COI manning requirements. But to wheedle (sorry to sound condescending) into an unused position, from a vessel that is NOT required to even have a ‘Purser’ much less an Assistant. seems sort of 'tupid.

But as another mentioned, Hey, If I can get this additional ‘license’ on my MMC, I guess I would feel ‘just that little more important’ in my life.