Jones Act violation?

The former Penn/Kirby, now Unico, tug Teresa has been Liberian flagged. Why is it making a run between Bayonne and Albany?

Doesn’t a lot of GE heavy lift cargo come out of Albany? Are they going back and forth or going foreign with turbines or something?

It’s an oil barge.

You better get on that. Maybe they’ll give you a reward.

Definitely report it to USCG, IMHO.

Reported on different AIS sites as Liberian flag but homeport Philadelphia??
Here as Liberian flag:

The Jones Act Enforcer to the rescue!

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I guess it is possible that it discharged in Bayonne and will load in Albany. Does it count as a Jones Act violation if you are transporting air between two US ports?

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It’s also permissible to load foreign and discharge at multiple U.S ports or load at multiple U.S. port and discharge foreign.

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Would it be possible that a foreign flagged tug could be pushing around a US flagged jones act unmanned barge in coastwise trade? Presumably not, or this probably would of been done a long time ago. Perhaps they are shipping asphalt from Newfoundland to the NE?

I think it is safe to say that that would be interpreted the same by CBP as a foreign flagged ship carrying containers in coastwise trade. It’s about the cargo and not the type of vehicle by which the cargo is carried.