Jones Act Enforcement in Gulf of Mexico

I am the “Jones Act Compliance Manager” for the U.S. Vessel Fleet in the Gulf of Mexico. I track foreign vessels operating in the Gulf attempting to ensure their compliance with the “Jones ACT” requirements. If any U.S. Captain or crew is aware of or has observed a Jones Act violation by a foreign vessel operating in the Gulf of Mexico, please send me the particulars. ( I am trying to make a difference but I need your assistance.

On another related matter: I am providing information to the U.S. Coast Guard when a vessel turns off and on their AIS. There are certain circumstances when the AIS is placed in a stby mode temporarily but not for days and weeks at a time. The U.S. Coast Guard enforces the failure of a vessel to display their AIS signal as a SOLAS violation among other violations. There are several cases under investigation at this time by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Lets keep it safe out there!

Send your information to my email. Thanks!

As foreign merchant marine becoming U.S. merchant marine, I can see there’s flaw or loopholes in the Jones act.

Aside from AIS matter, There’s serious contradiction for the applications of
the act :

foreign ships/boats can supply materials to the offshore rigs at GOM, from U.S. ports, if the foreign ship visits one foreign port for an hour/usually stays in foreign port anchorage briefly…

That effectively robs American jobs…I think that is real serious problems…

I do not see any other countries do allow that kind of gimmicks…

Hey Joe thanks for being out there. I will without a doubt keep my eyes open and give your contact details to folks I know that are not on

Thanks Steve,

We are making some progress with CBP at this time on the cases already submitted. I am also developing more suspected Jones Act suspected violations by foreign operators which will be moving foward for CBP review.

The violations to date are penalties which could be assessed by CBP in the $1,000,000.00 or more catagory.

I will review any information you send to determine if the facts would constitute a potential Jones Act Violation. Remember, the penalty is the VALUE of the cargo transported.

Have a Happy Holiday season.

“jones act compliance manager for the U.S. Vessel Fleet in the Gulf of Mexico”.
sounds fishy and rather nebulous.
makes the new yorker in me ask:

  1. who are you?
  2. who do you work for, specifically?
  3. how long have you been doing this?
  4. why do you assume that anyone reading this post is qualified to judge whether or not a vessel is in compliance with the Jones Act? as a presumed authority on this subject, surely you of all people know that with the Jones Act things are not all they appear.
  5. so you are going to report vessels that have their AIS off for whatever reason, and you want us to help you rat them out???

uhhh… am I the only one here in gcaptain land that thinks this all sounds kinda “out there”?

No, but I’ve been too busy fighting Chinese businessmen and misguided 100-ton masters to start crap in this thread too.

thanks & fair winds!
“hold fast”

Joe works for OMSA. No need to explain anything other than that - he is on our side. And, I have to say that he is the only one that I know of working toward keeping Foreign vessels within the scope of the law, and does this as a full time job. He doesn’t bitch about it, he does his job, and anyone’s help toward this goal should help all of us - to the point of keeping them honest. Foreign vessels will be here, and industry does need them, but not all are here legally or pay US taxes.

How many people have actually checked on a foreign vessels in US waters, and checked if they are here legally? …instead of just bitch about losing jobs. We’ve had enough of that.

How about posting any foreign vessels - name, location, and client if known.

I noticed the Skandi Achiever, very nice vessel in the gulf the last few weeks in Main Pass area.

You can register here for free and get vessel, flag, fleet, and ownership information…

A big loophole os the “Specialty vessel exclusion” (not sure that is what it is called) but there are several foreign flag vessels operating in the gulf claiming to be specialty vessels. Anybody who has ever been to Fourchon has seen these.

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I think the framers of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution think that woment really should vote… I’m not sure about competing in our industry… or was there a typo? :wink:

Like always on this site, any time that people offer an opinion from what they see it gets bombarded by contraversy. Maybe we should just scrap the website because whatever is suggested gets hit by a wall of opposition.

[quote=richard8000milesaway;30102]yawn. fart.
I’m gone.[/quote]
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So are you saying people should just blindly agree with every opinion that is posted on gCapt?

You offered your opinion from where you see it, and if others choose to disagree with your opinion that is their damned right.

Your hyperbolic reaction suggesting that people should “just scrap the site” because people don’t all start marching in lockstep is one of the most ignorant posts I’ve read since joining.

Just a suggestion, learn to spell the word “controversy” with an “o” not an “a”. Proper spelling never hurt anyone’s credibility.


First, I would like to thank you for your support in our effort to actively and accurately report the activities of the foreign flagged vessels operating in U.S. territorial waters within the oil and gas industry. At the present time, CBP is proposing to enter the Jones Act issues into the Federal Register. This is a lengthy process, however, during this time period, no foreign vessel has been granted a Jones Act waiver. The foreign vessels may not transport items in violation of the Jones Act during this review period.

I am attempting to document each and every load out and off load by the foreign operators. I already have photo’s of some activity that will be fowarded to CBP for further review. I actually was in Galveston, TX last week and obtained photo’s of the Skandi Achiever during its load out before heading to MMS EB 802.

We do need some of the foreign vessels for certain jobs, but they need to incorporate US flag support in their bids. Please keep me posted on any assistance you can provide. The U.S. crews are not rats if they call me with info. They are just protecting their jobs and whats wrong with that. The RAT is the one who doesn’t call and his buddy looses his U.S. job. Thats the RAT!!

Hey, thanks again for the plug. I am very busy!! 96 foreign flags in the Gulf as of today!!

Just wanted to say I think its so great that there is at least someone trying to do something about this. I also want to say that I was blown away that anyone would have anything to say about this other than “thank you” or “how can I help”! Apperently some people dont get it or maybe really are “8000 miles away” and dont care about protecting US jobs or protecting the right for a decent wage. Thank you for what your doing.