Gulf of Mexico is Ground Zero for the Jones Act

Of course the IMCA rep sounds like the bugge. No, this proposal wouldn’t BAN all foreign vessels. It simply shifts the burden to the client who would then need to prove that there is no is capable Jones Act vessel in order to get a waiver.

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They are comparing apples with oranges. MPSVs are not able to do “everything” the foreign CSVs can do,

No US-flag, let alone Jones Act compliant vessels are able to lay even 24" pipes in over 1000 m. WD, or lift >5000 m.t. in offshore application (or anywhere), or carry rigs from GoM to Alaska etc. Harping up again and up again about the great investment made in MPSVs and Barges does not change that facts.

Oil Companies and Construction Contractors aren’t going to use vessels unsuited for the jobs when there are other options, offering efficient and safe performance, even if it cost more.
To compete you have to offer more than nice statements about patriotic duty.

So then those vessels won’t have any problems getting a waiver to do the specialized work. Why are you complaining about this change in interpretation?

No one is disputing that and those vessels would obviously still get to do their work with the proper permits.

What grinds my gears is hauling suction piles, jumpers, etc. out to a foreign vessel that’s the same size and specs as a dozen vessels i passed on the way out of town. Why do these foreign vessels get to do work that the idled US flag vessels are more than capable of doing? I’ve sat and watched this time and time again in the last year grinding my fucking teeth the whole damn time. It’s not because they are more capable it’s the same equipment painted different colors.

sure…just like the client has the burden of proof that there are no qualified US mariners available either! the CBP will go right along with these foreign vessel owners when they come calling with their waiver letters prewritten by the lawyers and asking for a signature which will be provided without any question

this is the same bovine produced fecal matter in a different bag

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They should have to come calling with a copy of a letter from each American boat company certifying that they do not have a vessel capable of performing the work required.

The burden of proof that no American operator can perform the work should come from the American operators who are hurt by the current fiction that damages those companies. There is no other way to keep this honest because we know we cannot depend on ethical practices by oil companies, politicians, or their handlers. All the documentation related to the process of waiver issues must be made publicly available throughout the process so it can be stopped before a waiver is issued.

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Do you see anywhere in that article where the author separate the type of vessels available and the tasks required to be carried out in the GoM??

I totally agree that there are no danger of there being any competition from US built vessels for the most complex jobs in the foreseeable future, much more the pity for US mariners, unless you can secure jobs on foreign ships. Such ships work worldwide by necessity.

If you are willing to compete on even terms,the world is your oyster, not just the mini-market for MPSVs that exist in the GoM,

BTW American mariners used to be able to command higher wages just on the fact that they held American citizenship, not because of merits. Those days are over.

What’s any of that got to do with phony waivers issued for hauling cargo from Gulf ports to platforms working on leases of American owned petroleum deposits?

Besides, tough shit if there are no American vessels available, that means there are no vessels available and if the oil company wants their stuff delivered or services performed then they can build one in an American yard or finance an American company to build one. If they want the profit let them pay the price to collect it.

I don’t think anybody have got waivers to carry cargo from Gulf ports to platforms in the GoM. There are more than enough cheap US-flag vessels that does that on a daily basis. No foreign flag boat could, or would, try to, compete in that market.

When it comes to CSVs carrying the tools and equipment they need to perform work in international waters, but within the US EEZ in the GoM, they are required to get a waiver from the Jones Act… (Or, according to c,captain, a waiver from the OCSLA for crewing, since the Jones Act don’t apply) (???)

As far as I understand it is common to use Jones Act vessels to carry such tools and equipment to the CSVs working in international water, then do a risky transfer in open waters to bypass this requirement, whichever it may be. Some things, like coiled pipes and other very heavy equipment doesn’t lend itself to easy offshore transfer, in which case waivers are given. (Pls. correct me if I’m wrong)

As to your suggestion that the oil companies should built or finance boats able to do the jobs; I think you would be disappointed by their reply. If you think that will work you will be disillusioned.
Oil companies worldwide have gone away from owning rig or boats long ago for the reason that they can charter what they need with less cost and risk then owning and operating. Besides, they want the job performed NOW, not in a couple of years time.

I don’t care if they are American based companies or not, they will not pay a penny more to have the honour of having US flag, or US mariners onboard, as long as there are existing vessels and crews that can perform the work safely and efficiently already available.

When American Owners realize that they have to build (or BUY) vessels to meet the requirements they will be able to compete, even in their home market, NOT BEFORE.

Nothing to do with oil companies will ever disillusion me. They never fail to live down to expectations when it comes to ethics and business practices.

I didn’t suggest they own the boats, just finance construction of those incredibly unique boats that you think no American company can build, man, or own. It wouldn’t even bother me much if they loaned Mr. Gary a shitload of money to build and run one … like I keep saying, let gas cost $10 a gallon, when it is American from formation to the local gas station it would still cost Americans less than the $2 gas we are paid off with today.

Why “NOT BEFORE”? They should have everything in place before they are allowed to dip a drill bit in the water. If they want to swim in my pool they will play by my rules … is that too tricky a concept?

No not tricky at all, just unrealistic.

The world is full of places where the oil companies can explore for and maybe produce oil & gas. If he GoM become too difficult,or if somebody try to make it too expensive to do so, they will move to other places, (They ar International, remember??)

BTW American companies have been exploiting opportunities everywhere and have done so for decades. It is about time that foreign companies do so in the USofA.

What part of “don’t let the door hit you on the ass” don’t you understand?

I’m beginning to think you just like trolling because your “arguments” haven’t addressed the points in quite a while. Do you even read posts other than your own?

Believe me, if the majors got their asses kicked out of the Gulf because they wouldn’t play by rules that protect American resources and American taxpayers, someone else would jump in in a heartbeat to get part of the $billions in profits to be made.

Who is “someone else”? Could it be CNOOC, SINOPEC or some other companies with DEEP pockets and American interest at heart??

From OSO yesterday:

Posting links to industry shills is just more of your trolling.

API states that its “… mission is to promote safety across the industry globally and to influence public policy in support of a strong, viable U.S. oil and natural gas industry.”

It is not API’s mission to promote sound policies that protect American petroleum resources from rapacious oil companies. It is not API’s mission to promote sound policies that protect American taxpayers and workers from exploitation by its oil company members.

API’s interests in this matter are in direct conflict with what is good for America and Americans. What is good for big oil is not necessarily good for America.

Now go troll some other topic, if you are down to posting links to industry shills it shows you have nothing more to offer the discussion.