Jones Act Enforcer in New England

Serious question: Are they learning anything I cant determine by looking at my Marine Traffic app?

No foreign vessels in US water. No American vessels allowed to work in foreign water.
Is that fair enough??.

I asked a question. If you want to gripe about it start your own thread.


Serious answer; probably not.

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I’d guess that the purpose of the Jones Act Enforcer is to gain publicly rather than gather information.


I think that they do surprise boardings in the middle of the night and check the numbers of Americans onboard

Under what authority?


They wouldn’t be a surprise if there was authority.

Just pop up in the middle of the night out of nowhere like a poltergeist.

Jones Act Violations fall to CBP. CBP has way more on their plate to even concern themselves with this. (Direct from an SES at CBP)

I can’t shake the vision of the “Dog the Bounty Hunter” strike team boarding vessels with paint ball guns and Wals-Mart tactical gear. Where is reality TV when you need it the most?


The authority vested in them by the state of Candyland!

Just say NO to drugs :hugs:

Or as:

This thread…

So, it’s the Jones Act equivalent of “Whale Wars”. Got it.


Jones Act Enforcer found an Offshore wind tubine?:

Illustration; Block Island Wind Farm; Photo source: CRMC (archive)

American citizens, fully capable, sitting at home while foreign nationals go to work in U.S. waters,” Smith said. “It’s unfair.”

If they’re sitting at home in this job market, that’s on them. SIU had 165 jobs on the board last week. AMO has over 100 jobs. I’m sure its a similar story at MEBA and MMP, and and I’ve heard plenty of other outfits are running short. Give these guys my number I will help them get a job.

If these mall cops want to have in impact they need to start recruiting mariners. It’s not wind turbines that’s a threat to the Jones act, it’s the domestic oil supply relying on a handful of junior officers not quitting.


Its an old Harvey crew boat manned by Harvey with cost split between Harvey, Chouest, and HOS to keep tabs on vessels breaking the Continental Shelf Act. All they do is go around taking pictures of violations and report them.

It should piss everyone off that these companies are using foreign flagged vessels and crews. Companies like Technip continually run adds in workboat looking for every position but they neve fill them because they low ball the pay and continually claim that they can not find American mariners qualified to run the equipment. Then point to the add say “We are looking” and they get a waiver for their vessels for another year.


A bullshit old game that CBP has turned a blind eye to.


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