Foreign vessels on us windfarm work

Does anybody know how the jones act applies to the foreign vessels that are operating in and around Martha’s Vineyard for the wind farms there? Particularly there are 2 cable laying barges and 3 tug/work boats, all foreign flag and presumably all foreign crew.

The US Government bureaucracy has interpreted the Jones Act narrowly to only apply to vessels that carry cargo or passengers between US ports.

The European promoters of US offshore wind receiving $$$ BILLIONS in subsidies from the US Government are apparently not required to hire any American vessels or crew.

I was trying to find something more relevant to my local waters but stopped here.

Norwegian unions welcome government promise of local wages and conditions in country’s waters (

Just as an aside on equal pay; our Ukranian crews just had an across the board pay rise of 350%.
Yes, three hundred and fifty percent.
To make them feel more like humans, less like droids.