Job Fair in Jacksonville

There is a job fair in Jacksonville, FL on March 18th. Several Maritime employers will be there. I know for sure that Chouest and MSC will be there along with several others. Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy will be there too for those wanting to get info on schools. It is called the Navy Tri-Base Job Fair and it is located at 3800 St. Johns Bluff Road S., Jacksonville, FL. The advertised hours are 0900-1400 but some people will be there by 0800 and won’t leave until 1600.


I’b be interested in attending the job fair. Do you have a contact # for it. I tried Google but only found a thread from 2004. I appreciate the post.

Victor About half way down the page. I’m thinking of going too.

Exsubguy got the info for the number right. The fair is targeting military folks but it is open to the public and it is free of charge. The location is NOT on the base so it is accessible by all. Just bring yourself, your resume, and copies of whatever USCG documents you have. Justin and Allan are the points of contact at the Chouest Booth.

I just spoke with POC: Pam Ottesen in JAX and she says that it’s military only although I know from past experience that an MMD will get you on base.

I get the feeling that there is going to be quite a few non-military at this fair. I wonder if they are ready for the crowds. Fortunately most of them will be out of work IT/mortgage broker/manager types so they shouldn’t be between us and the maritime related booths.

Hey Exsubguy, you got the out of work part right but lookout I am at your heels . Florida Real Estate Broker that has spent no small sum and 1000+ classroom hours for STCW SH#T?!!! to get my maritime credentials back when oil was at 150 bbl and thought I would be at sea by now and making some . I will be there too unless shipped out b’4.

BTY I enjoy reading your post.

Last summer it wasn’t on base. It was held at a VFW hall or something along those lines. I was told that this would be the same fair but I’m not very far in the loop so I could be wrong.

That is not totally true. That depends on the current threat level that base is under. Even if the level is elavated for training purposes, a MMD might not be enough.

A list of employers is available from the POC at the Navy base. Just call them and they will email you a spread sheet with all the employers and thier job field.
I do not know if everyone listed will actually show up, but a quick review of the list shows limited marine related employers.
The following are from the list and may or may not be consider marine:

Edison Chouest,
Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy
Military Sealift Command Transportation
US Army Corp of Engs
Ensco Corp, (Ensco is offshore drill rigs)

Not to much there, I guess it all depends on how much effort you have to expend to actually attend the fair.
Good luck everyone


Local guy here,
FYI ; 3800 St. Johns Bluff rd. is the Morocco Shrine Temple and is miles away from any Military Base. It is a large building with lots of parking. No military id required. Many various public events are held here.

see you there

I have been to the Jax Job Fair today and visited the only commercial maritime booth which was Chouest. Next to it was MAMA. Got positive feedback from the personnel at Chouest. Shot the breeze with the guy from MAMA and walk the floor. Pretty good turn out in my own estimation. Couple of TV news crew there. Booth was fairly busy around MSC which you would expect being Jax is a Navy town. Tried to get more info from rep at Northrop Grumman about the size of their fleet but he had no clue (what fleet).
Left the show and stopped by Crowley. That was about as successful as applying online. Stopped next to see old friends at N FL Shipyard & Thermal Engineering then headed to the union halls. I am not a union man and after today probably won’t ever be one. SIU had a crowd of 20-30 men lounging around. Being a new member I would be on the bottom rung. MM&P was worth the trip just to experience the visit. Two vehicles in the parking lot. One belonged to the female rep who in a smoked filled room had a very important game of solitaire going that despite my interuption rarely looked at me when she spoke and mumbled some words like “come back tomorrow to apply and then you can sit and wait”. She got up and opened another pack of cigarettes and then back to the PC for more action. The other vehicle belong to the poor soul of a lonely 3rd mate.
HAH, I would rather sit in the reception area of Chouest or HOS. In summary I’m glad I came and got the chance to meet Allen Berthelot with Chouest. I only need one good company to work for.