Shipping 2010 Next Week in Stamford, CT - Is anyone going?

Is anyone going to be at Connecticut Maritime Association’s Shipping 2010 conference next week in Stamford, CT?

I’ll be attending all 3 days and can be found mostly at the Maritime Executives booth (thanks Brett). If anyone is going to be there, let me know and we can meet up.

For all the job seekers out there, they do have a job fair that would be worth it to attend. It’s mostly shoreside, but a good networking event none-the-less.

I also believe entry to the exhibition floor and job fair is free, and you can just show up. If not, it’s pretty easy to get in anyway.

Suit and tie highly recommended (yea it’s that kind of event).


Hope to see some of you there!

I would strongly recommend making the event, even if only for a day; yes on the suit & tie. My CMA association, very loose, has nonetheless open up new horizons and increased my network over the years: Owners of famous corporations, Presidents of Agencies, Aged Ship Captains, Government representatives, and the occassional flatulent drunken salesman from Detriot Deisel (true! how could I make that up?)

“It’s always nice to have friends, but it’s even better to have well connected friends.” richard8000milesaway, March 16, 2010

of course having said all that, I will miss the damn event as we’re on Sea Trials and I can’t get away!

Thought you were referring to me for a split second there, until I finished reading.

See you there Mike and it’s always good to squeeze a beer out of Brett, even if they are free!

I thought the same thing (about myself).

See you there, Ian. I’ll be unofficially stationed at Brett’s booth. Hopefully they got the space next to the bar again… but I’d settle to be near the Dark and stormy’s