Is there a way to pause your license?

I have had enough of the industry for now and plan on doing some OTR trucking until the money comes back and oil isn’t cheaper than donkey piss.

That being said does your license just… evaporate after it expires? Seems odd you would have to come back in say… five years and have to start as an OS?

How does it all work exactly?

Either way I’ve had enough for now. Would just be nice to keep the license somewhat intact incase the industry ever turns around.

“Continuity.” See 46 CFR 10.227(g) and also the Continuity tab here.


Step 1. Apply for continuity. (Automatically get it?)

Now your license is on hold forever?

Step 2. Take any refresher courses etc that have expired since you got this continuity.

Now you got it back?

You have to meet whatever the renewal requirements are at the time you take it out. So if sometime after you go to continuity, the Coast Guard adds a requirement that you need an Animal Husbandry course to renew, you have to take that even though it didn’t exist when you went to continuity.


Don’t give them any ideas.


Oh crap. I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone…


Wasn’t there a question about a pregnant mule in the database at one point?

Still is, as far as I know. The C&O historical canal is a navigable waterway. So the person running ther mule drawn passenger barges need a license. The pregnant mule question was before my rtime, apparently it was someone’s idea of a joke (mules are sterile). They still need licenses.

Now I got my first chuckle of the day.

So is the barge restricted to 6 pax or do the mule skinners need 50 ton licenses?
Also, does the TSA have an “officer” assigned to the shore of the canal and make them take their shoes and empty their pockets before proceeding to the mules?

Jdcavo is generally all business, but does have a sense of factorial humor. I enjoy that

Me too. 5!

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