Is the National Maritime Center closed till February?

I tried calling the NMC today, (1888IASKNMC), and it went straight to a recording saying “closed till February due to inclement weather” I just called back about 5 minutes ago, and the regular recording about “after hours” call back between 08-2000. Anybody know whats going on? Ray:cool:

I called today and they said they had a blizzard coming and my evaluator already left because of it.

I called them today and it seems like they was open and never had a problem getting anyone on the phone.

I just tried calling, same as yesterday, “will resume normal operation Monday Feb 8th” the 8th is a Tuesday!

[QUOTE=mellamoray;46350]…“will resume normal operation Monday Feb 8th” …[/QUOTE]
West Virginia leap year? I’m not sure what happened, but In 2010, Feb. 8 was a Monday, and Friday Feb. 5, 2010 was about the date the DC area had the huge snowstorm that dropped up to 30"…

Look on the bright side. Maybe it is closed for training!