Will the Boston REC close for weather?

Suppose to take my exam tomorrow, but there is a blizzard on its way. I emailed the NMC, but doubt I’d get anything back on a Sunday. It’d be a pain to travel up there from Newport and find out it’s closed. Anybody have past experience with RECs closing for weather?

You’re best off rescheduling it if you can get them on the phone tomorrow.

Try these numbers for the Rec.

(617) 223-3040

(617) 557-9082

It will probably be closed for at least 2 days if they get 2 feet of snow. I’m gassing up my snowblower this afternoon after I go to supermarket and wrestle the last gallon of milk from some old fart cleaning off the supermarket shelves in panic of the blizzard. My father showed me picture from the 1950s and they had some monster storms back then. I doubt anyone has starved to death lately from a snow storm up here in New England

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