NMC Live Chat Shutdown?

It appears the NMC is considering shutting down the one useful system they’ve given us to interact with them. What gives?

                                            Potential Shutdown of Mariner Live Chat
                On July 1, 2015, the National Maritime Center launched an online chat web tool as part of acontinued effort to better serve the maritime community. The response from users has beenextremely positive. However, a review of the system is being conducted and Live Chat may beshut down in January 2017.
                In the event that Live Chat is shut down, our customer service center will continue to serve you.The same dedicated individuals who answer questions via Live Chat will continue answeringphone and e-mail inquiries.
                Mariners and other providers should contact the NMC Customer Service Center via e-mail atIASKNMC@uscg.mil or by calling [1-888-IASKNMC](tel:1-888-IASKNMC) ([427-5662](tel:427-5662)) with any questions.

//K. R. Martin//
Kirsten R. MartinCaptain, U.S. Coast GuardCommanding Officer


Go figure. Something that useful, they can it. I always did the survey too so that this wouldn’t happen. Oh well…

I used it twice and liked it. Not surprised that it was shitcanned. Now it’s back to sending emails into the bottomless black pit…

Was on the NMC website yesterday checking on my renewal, and there was a button for Live Chat. Called in instead, but it certainly looked like a viable option.

I used live chat a few days ago. It is staffed by a federal contractor. The live chat staff has no knowledge or authority to do anything. They told me to call. I called. After working my way up to the telephone operator’s supervisor, I actually got a little useful info.

The NMC is probably the most incompetent and useless federal office I have ever encountered. It needs to be eliminated.

Zopim Chat is free with the basic plan. Pretty limited but you get a lot for free.