National Maritime Center website down, anyone have any info?

NMC website is down and has been for the last two days, anyone got the skinny?

No problems with it here. How old is your link/bookmark? The address changed recently.

It seems to be working for me, but the email notifications on my recent upgrade request still point to the old site it would seem.

Please do not reply to this e-mail address. This is an unmonitored e-mail account.

This e-mail contains important information concerning your “DOMESTIC ENDORSEMENT, Reference Number: blah blah blah and Application ID: blah blah blah blah” from the National Maritime Center (NMC).

Your application for a/an “DOMESTIC ENDORSEMENT, Reference Number: blah blah blah and Application ID: blah blah blah” has been evaluated and approved pending successful completion of a Coast Guard examination.

Please wait 24 hours before: 1. Visiting Homeport’s Merchant Mariner Application Status site for a complete list of examination requirements; or 2. Visiting or contacting 1-888-IASKNMC (427-5662), or chat at to schedule an appointment to test.

You will receive a letter from the NMC indicating your examination requirements. You must bring that letter to a Regional Examination Center with you to test. This e-mail alone is not authorization to test. You have 360 days from the date on the letter to complete your examination requirements.


National Maritime Center

The info link brings me to…

It was working for me. Have you tried a different browser? Looks like they are using javascript now too.

I can get on Google Chrome or Microsft Edge.

But the email notifications from the NMC still need to be updated I think.

It is definitely NOT working for me. It was down all day Friday and is still down now. In fact, the entire domain is not working for me.

Says my credential is not valid on their credential validation page. Awww shucks…

Update: The whole domain is still DOWN for me on my Xfinity ISP. I did try on my cell phone and had no issues connecting on Verizon.

It must be something with Xfinity. Does anyone else have trouble accessing who isn’t on Xfinity?

I guess I should ask if Tommygun or any others who can’t access are also on Xfinity.

I called Xfinity customer support to try and get help. Do you think that worked?
…No, of course not.
But, I was able to switch DNS Service on my modem from the Xfinity default to OpenDNS and that did solve the problem. Of course that is only temporary because Xfinity periodically forces the modem back to it’s own default DNS.

I believe that the problem is with the Xfinity DNS and I had them escalate the trouble ticket. If it isn’t solved in another day, I hope everyone else with this same issue calls Xfinity 1-800-934-6489

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I am, that’s weird but I guess that’s the issue!

I use xfinity at home and it worked. I also run my stuff at home through Open DNS, so it filters a lot, but still allowed me to get the Coast Guard page.

This brings me to the home page after a Google search. Not the most straightforward link but that’s the Government for you.

Sometimes you have to downgrade to upgrade.

They need some of the web designers from NOAA to help them out.

They are updating the Homeport website. There maybe issues during the process I was told.