A question for Mr Cavo - Please help

Hi Mr Cavo

Good Evening.

I had applied for 3M national lic in Oct 2023 and while I was at sea, USCG or the contractors sent me a letter/email in the Dec of 2023 asking for further documentation, giving me 90 days to comply.

I came back in Feb 2024 & sent the required docs on 23 Feb 2023. I checked the status today and the it says on the website that the application status has timed out on 03/21/2024.

But, I sent the docs on time to both awaiting-info and iasknmc emails. How is this my fault and what should I be doing?

I’m pissed off and do not want to pay again. Please suggest a way out.

Thank You!

A while ago I had a similar problem. Someone advised me to call my Congressman office which I did. Believe it or not, he helped to resolve.

Tell NMC you want a “RECONSIDERATION” of the decision that the application has timed out. Use that word, it will escalate the matter to a higher level at NMC. Follow up with a written discussion of the issue and your assertion , and all supporting documentation you may have. On the written statement include your mariner reference number and reiterate you are asking for a RECONSIDERATION.