Is hornbeck hiring?

Does anybody know if hornbeck is currently hiring 1600 master with dp? They don’t seem to like to call back

Be patient the HR department stays busier than a cat covering up turds. It’s hard for me to get ahold of them sometimes to follow up on a referral. They get a list of what positions they need and work from there. They go through their stack and stacks and stacks of apps to find the most qualified applicant. As the pool of qualified applicants with industry experience has shrunk the vetting process has gotten harder. If you have industry experience the hiring process moves quickly. If not you just have to wait it out. Having DP definitely helps. Right now I think they’re beating the bushes for engineers more than anything.

I love the comparison!

Me too
Right now I think they’re beating the bushes for engineers more than anything.

Thanks. I’ll keep trying. Any idea what they are paying to start?

Heard that at the End of August they would be opening up some when all the cadets go back to their academy’s,New employee orientation was last Monday so know they were busy then,But yea if they look at you and like what they see they will call,best to go there and knock on the door,seems to be the norm in getting hired down there.

They hiring yet?

All the companies are hiring when the right person walks through the door.

Just read the 100s of posts asking the same thing, if you actually read you will find one thing in common, they all traveled to La, pounded pavement, interviewed face to face and got hired that way.

I work for Seacor now and got hired over the phone, but thanks for the help

How long ago? Things change, I work for Hornbeck and was hired over the phone just under a year ago. Now you see how Hornbeck is hiring…

As of the last 6 or so months just about everyone who’s posted on here saying they got hired actually walked in to interview. There’s always an exception, but this has been the norm as of the last few months.

You’re welcome.

Can’t verify accuracy but the word I heard today was that they were 500 people short for the upcoming year…

I’ve heard something close to that. I’ve also heard they’re short ratings and engineers, not deck officers.

Every time I walk around the boat I’m tripping over a mate or 4th captain these days. We definitely need more engineers.

Fraqrat: I am hoping to assist you in that quest in a couple of weeks. Hopefully they will still be short by then.

On my vessel there’s more in the engineering staff.than the deck and bridge crew.

That’s because I hear you’re Capt. Meanie-head.

Their website shows 3 opening for DPO 1600grt

One opening for 1600grt OICNW with DPO

Well it sounds like you must have a well oiled machine and can sleep soundly knowing everything in the dungeon is handled.

I heard they are going to or are all ready paying the guys on the 190’s 5% more cause they can’t get people to go to those boats