Is ARPA Inherent in New MMC

Received my new MMC recently and there is no endorsement for ARPA. I was told it is inherent in the language. Are you approved for ARPA and is it inherent on your MMC? Just double checking that what I was told by NMC is correct.

If you don’t have it on there it means you are OK. It will only list the restriction is you do not have it. Less is more in this case.

ARPA is a “negative endorsement” meaning that if it is NOT mentioned on your document, you are qualified. If you are not qualified for ARPA, your document will note it is not valid on vessels with ARPA.

GMDSS is the opposite, it’s a positive endorsement.

Why the difference? For ARPA, the STCW competency table for OICNW states:
[I][t]raining and assessment in the use of ARPA is not required for those who serve exclusively on ships not fiitted with ARPA. This limitation shall be reflected in the endorsement issued to the seafarer concerned.[/I]
In contrast, the GMDSS requirement is not conatined in the Master or OICNW competency tables in Chapter II of STCW, it’s an “ancillary” requirement in Chapter IV of the STCW Code.