ARPA endorsements

<P>In 2005 I had some endorsements put on my license. When I got my paper endorsement there was no ARPA endorsement. I had submitted my certificate from my ARPA class. I was told “If you didn’t have an ARPA endorsement we would list it as an ARPA exclusion”<br><br>A couple months ago I got an upgrade - it had an ARPA exlcusion on it. “How can that be?”, I asked?<br><br>“We don’t have a record of you ever having an ARPA endorsement”, I was told. But I had! Right where my old endorsement said… absolutely nothing!<br><br><br>Hold on to your STCW certificates!</P>

The don’t put ARPA endorsements on your license. Are you talking about your STCW cert?