Arpa question

I have a friend who has yet to take an arpa course, but last time he renewed his license no longer has the arpa limitation on it. Anyone else have any info regarding this? When he renewed was it a printing error?

The CG made this mistake with mine as well, I had never taken the class but had no limitations placed on my license (STCW)…

After reading on it and digging through CFR’s I came to the conclusion eventually that I needed these classes and just took them, received the certificates but never submitted them to the CG since there was no restriction anyway on my credential.

What it came down to IIRC is that if you work on a vessel that has ARPA or ECDIS, you’re required to have the endorsement in your MMC and hold the certificate on you while sailing.

I just can’t recall the exact CFR’s I had read at the moment.

On his license, or STCW? There’s no requirement for an endorsement or a limitation the license. If there was a limitation on the national endorsement (license), it shouldn’t have been there. If it was STCW, and he didn’t take a course, he should have the limitation on his STCW endorsement(s).

In STCW, it’s not an endorsement, your endorsement for OICNW, Chief Mate, and/or Master will have a limitation that it’s not valid for ARPA if you have not taken the course. There is a note in Table A-II/1 of the STCW Code:

Training and assessment in the use of ARPA is not required for those who serve exclusively on ships not fitted with ARPA. This limitation shall be reflected in the [STCW] endorsement issued to the seafarer concerned

Yes I am referring to the limitation being on his stcw previously. So this was an oversight on the NMCs part when his most recent book was printed?

Sounds like it might be. If he never took a course for ARPA, his STCW shoulfd have a limitation that it is not valid for vessels with ARPA.