Is a Steam Endorsement worth the effort?


For all you engineers…
These days, is a steam endorsement worth the effort for an original license? Having been on steam vessels before, I’d probably do my best to avoid them any way, and it doesn’t seem like anybody is making them anymore…



If it doesn’t require any extra effort to get the endorsement, ask for it! You should qualify with your backround. It would suck to miss a future opportunity because of it.
While researching the CFR’s to get my license, I noticed that I met the requirements for a Chief Purser. I went ahead and got it just for the heck of it. But knowing that I may want to work ashore one day, it may help to have it on a resume, you never know.


What did you do in the Navy??


I was a Chop for my first tour, then SWO




Won’t hurt. Though steam propulsion is largely a thing of the past for most carriers the LNG and VLCC still have some. Yes, I know the chances of working on them are slim but steam knowledge is still valuable. Many vessels still have large evaps and incinerators. A good knowledge ot steam and the required thermo needed to understand the systems should be a part on any engineers knowledge base. If they’ll give it to you based on past experience grab it. It will set you apart from the average applicant.


Don’t forget the shoreside application to any steam training.

Power production via steam isn’t going away anytime soon.


"Power production via steam isn’t going away anytime soon."
Very true. I have friends retired from their sea going career that work 6 months a year [Oct-April] as stationary engineers in the north making 80-100000/yr with housing provided. They return to their hobbies in May.