Deck or engine room?

Reading one of the posts made me wonder what the old timers would say, deckside or engine?

The reason I ask is b/c one of my goals was to be licensed in both. I have taken DSL, A/C Power Generation, Fuel Systems, Refrigeration… I was looking at an Oiler program but did not want to intern for 1000 plus days for engine room time in order to test for my QMED. So far I have stuck with deckside since I have AB unlimited, 100ton near coastal and other prerequisites.

Anyone out there doing both?


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did it answer your question?
Good luck
I know i am going to get some s#%t for this.

Answered my question, but I will definitely keep in touch with my brotherside.

There is nothing so valuable as being dual licensed. Period.

hn, you don’t have to intern for 1,000 days to get your QMED. Depending on what license you are looking for you can hold license in hand less than 1,000 days if you have more sense than shellback7.
chaos… why?

I know in the Navy, a deck guy stayed the heck out of the engineering spaces…Them snipes were weird…

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I’ve seen some storms, fought fires, battled flooding situations, survived a sinking and once went overboard. The scariest thing I’ve ever seen was a decky with a tool in his hand.

I have been considering getting my license for the “other team” for a while. I am getting older and I think I would look forward to sitting on my ass and yelling at an engineering type for a change. I could brake shit and not worry about fixing it. I could put the AC on 60’ F, open the doors in the WH and bitch that its too hot.
seadog you gotta admit it sounds like fun. The only thing that worries me is “IF” I were to get my mate ticket, then 500 or 1,600 ton master. What would life be like on the boat for my engineer?

In your fantasy your engineer would be in a world of hurt. Having spent an entire career BS’ing deck types, all of a sudden he would have to change his tune for you. It would drive him insane, and he would pack his bags and leave.

Just like them fuckin engineers huh C_A?

Many years ago when I was a 3AE we had a mate that loved to ring down bells for no apparent reason we could fathom so we started to be slow to respond. The old Dutch chief came down one night and read us the riot act. He said," Me and cap’n know this mate is a damn fool and we’re going to be calling the company to get him off, but until then you’ll answer them bells and keep everything rotating that’s supposed to rotate like your life depends on it, because it does. If that moron happens to be trying to get out of the way of something and can’t we’re going to get hole in this ship. If we get a hole in this ship your chances of getting out of this engine room alive are about the same as you getting into heaven. Now, if they don’t fire this fool and you boys want to bust him up in port so he can’t never ring another bell that’s just fine with me but until then you’ll damn sure answer them bells.

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Being a small boat operator and owner, capt and mechanic (twin diesels) I have always liked being proficient at both. What separates a great captain from a good captain in my opinion is one that can get the boat going when all hell breaks loose. ( remember I am talking 50’boats) Anyhow, to many Capt just know how to navigate, but not a clue on what is getting them there. I do agree that a decky with a wrench in the hand is scary. I have been known to cause my own problems… the learning curve sucks.


hn…I kinda hijacked your thread, I’m sorry…But I agree with you 100 %…

Watch out what you say “hijack” could be taken in the wrong context… That is what makes me like this site is one can get answers along with other wonderful information. No problem here.

Yeah no kidding…What a great group of pro’s…I don’t know a soul in this business ,if it weren’t for these guys , I would have really been lost…

I’m just getting started but I feel bad for the Deckies at CMA who dont take any engineering classes. Its more work but I never want to be piloting a ship and not have a clue about whats going on below. I could never sail as an engineer. How they go without sunlight and fresh air beats me. But, its all good information.

And like C_A says its good to know when when their just BSing you.

We do take a three unit engineering course second semester, junior year. There’s also a handful of us (including myself) that are participating in a QMED minor which gives us a more in depth knowledge.

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