Who here has dual license?

I am planning on going back to sea after several (too many) years ashore. Already have thirds unlimited and AB unlimited etc, but am actually wanting to learn the engineering side of supplyboats/tugs/ships. What engine experience I aquired was on maintaining floating Heavylift cranes in South America. Understand that starting as a wiper is a pay cut, but money isn’t everything. Plus, I think it would be a challenge at this age and having a deck and engine license would make for a valuable employee. Just wanted some thoughts on some that may have this or know of others that do.

I myself do not hold a Dual License. Most of the people that I met over the years that held a Duel License always seemed to work on the Deck side of the house.

I have both.
I don’t think it helped get me a job, but of course it didn’t hurt either.

Most dualies that I know work as Engineers or ashore.

I have both but work primarily as an engineer. Most companies will typecast you. When you acquire unlimited or oceans, those mariners are hard to come by and companies aren’t “usually” willing to let you move out of it. I’m experiencing that problem now. I only lack 60 days of recency to upgrage to a 1600 ton NC and have resorted to taking a part time deckhand job to accomplish this.

Thanks Forkandblade, that was what I a worried about. As I stated I have unlimited third mate, I was thinking they will say, "we need you as mate, not as wiper."
Anyway, I hope to get back to sea in the spring, since ashore for years , most likely AB.