Gas Turbine Endorsement Endorsement Worth it?

I have the required amount of sea time for a gas turbine endorsement however the USCG says I need a proper recognized school before I can get this endorsement. Will the USCG accept Navy Knowledge Online gas turbine courses? Also I hold a 2nd AE/DDE STM/MTR ANY. Is a Gas turbine Endorsement worth getting?

While I can’t answer whether they will accept the “Navy Knowledge…” I do know that if you are looking for 1st A/E or C/E Gas Turbine you are required to take a Management Level G/T course in addition to having the sea time. I know that the Star Center in Florida offers an approved class. As far as whether or not it’s worth having, that depends on if you think you’ll have an opportunity to sail on the license. There are not too many G/T ships outside the navy. MSC has four of them, but I’ve heard they may look to ROS two since they are very expensive to operate. Besides a very few commercial ships, there are G/T production platforms, but I don’t know what they require for licenses as they are not ships. Bottom line, it’s worth asking the REC or NMC what they will accept. At the end of the day extra endorsements can only help in giving you more options when looking for employment.

I can assure you it is worth it if you obtain it.

My advice for working in this industry is to never fail to get any endorsement or license you can obtain by reasonable, legal and proper means.

You NEVER know when a great opportunity will present itself.

Like previous stated, never pass up an opportunity to get an endorsement. I have a 2nds GT and never even seen one on a ship. However if given the chance to upgrade it, I will. You never know down the road you may need it and with the ever hanging NMC, they may change the rules and make it harder to obtain. Then you will be kicking yourself for not getting it earlier.

I know RIGHT now Viking Recruitment has gas turbine engineer jobs going begging at up to USD 15,000 per month, 3 / 3 equal time, all travel paid, wages paid all 12 months.

Maybe that ain’t oil patch dollars, but at equal time that’s a $1000 a day opportunity with paid Bus class travel.

Appreciate it.

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Where do I sign up!!! I retire from the Navy in 2 years. Hopefully they are still hiring.

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Thanks I am going to pursue it.

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Thanks. Regards