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Hello, I’m attending Seattle Maritime Academy right now in the engineering program and the time is fast approaching where we will need to pick 3 places to attempt to do our internships. It seems lots of the class is going MSC, Washington State Ferries, and Alaskan Marine Highway (Alaskan Ferries). Wherever we go the ship needs to have over 1,000hp & there needs to be someone high enough in license to check us off for our RFPEW. I was thinking of Washington State Ferries, Alaskan Ferries, and maybe a GOM company but am unsure if they even take interns. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
The instructors have said pick somewhere that you would actually like to work for, cause you never know what can happen after your internship. I would preferably like somewhere with bigger HP numbers. Thanks

Thought someone would have answered by now.

Depending on where you want to go and how fast you want to get there, MSC or Alaska Marine Highways (AHMS) would be my choices if I were in your position.

The contacts you will make, and the operational experience on MSC will go a long ways if you plan to go the unllmited license route. It may be the only game in town very soon for unlimited license holders so the sooner you establish that social and professional network, the better.

If you plan to work coastal and an unliimited license is secondary, AMHS will provide you with equal measures of agony and ecstacy. the good parts are the people who are fantastic in many ways and the social conditions are like a big family. The geography of the operating area makes going to work like a National Geographic adventure a lot of the time. The agony comes from some of the people who are like family members sometimes. The geography can be overpoweringly miserable sometimes. And like MSC, you might have to fight, beg, whine, and threaten before getting a relief.

The opportunity and timetable for advancement on “the highway” is unequaled elsewhere and you can get a very wide range of practical experience during the yard periods and while dealing with the day to day disasters that plague the not always well funded vessels. It may be the best learning experience you will be offered for quite a while.

If you want to buy a house and live on Bainbridge Island and run a small business on the side, go with WSF. Otherwise be prepared to become a vegatable with worse political distractions than those at AMHS. But then there are many career WSF sailors who thrive on the schedule and freedom to have a life outside work.

Does Crowley take interns? Their ocean tugs are in excess of 4,000 hp and they have a large operation in the Puget Sound area.

Hey thanks for the responses, hopefully the internships can lead to permanent position so that is making my choice more important as well. For the internship I am not so concerned with benefits and wage (since it will be low anyway), but for possibly working at the company later I’d like good benefits, wage, rotation etc. I understand that everyone wants that, and I am not naive in asking for absurd wage, benefits, rotation, just something I could live with starting out. I talked to one former student and Crowley puts you on the smaller vessels then works you up to the big stuff later from what he said. Still need to contact them to see if this is correct.

I was hoping for a big HP ship since they are doing away with DDE’s soon(thats what I was told anyway). Polar Tankers was suggested and sounded great but they haven’t taken any interns for the last 2 yrs. Big ships, big engines and sounds like a good place to work. Contacting them for info soon. A recent graduate did an internship with Trident and seemed to like it, might look there, but wasn’t sure if benefits were offered. But 7,000hp and 12hr days can definitely get you that sea time. Most people might think MSC, but that is most certainly not the way I want to go. Was going to start calling some GOM companies, but not sure since they don’t seem to be hiring people.

I will take the AMHS under advisement and keep looking for more options. Any idea what wiper/QMED wage would be with them, rotations?? Thanks alot

[QUOTE=Kingrobby;42837] Any idea what wiper/QMED wage would be with them, rotations?? Thanks alot[/QUOTE]

Walk across the bridge and ask the IBU folks. And ask them why they haven’t been providing job counseling to your class.

If you want rotation, retirement, and benefits, the AMHS job is the way to go. The state retirement system is outstanding, you will build up a lot of money in a hurry. You will also experience the frustrations that go along with a civil service job but you are hardly in a position to be too picky and won’t be for a long long time. You are being handed a platinum opportunity to learn something about the industry, and make the connections you will need to feed yourself in a year or two.

If you want “big ships and big engines” then MSC will probably be the only game in town very soon. Once the citizenship laws are flushed, if you can’t afford to work for 3rd world wages you will not have a deep sea job. Stay away from AMO at all costs. If you go MSC or AMHS you will have a door to MEBA, same for the WSF. Have you talked to Premier Pacific regarding the Ocean Phoenix? It’s a good chance to get steam time and really learn engineering rather than just watchstanding.

Personally, I would avoid all jobs that will not provide the time and experience needed to get an unlimited license. You can always take that to play in the mud but you will be seriously limited in job opportunities if that is all you have. Just remember that an unlimited license is an “assistant” license, you can’t sail chief on it, even a 1st ticket, so make sure you apply for and collect all the little “chief” tickets along the way.

Hey thanks again, AMHS is one of my choices I’ll just have to fight the other 6 people trying for them as well. Any idea what the rotations are like with them? I have heard 1wk/1wk, 2wk/2wk, and also heard you might need to move to Alaska. I saw that American Seafoods has some bigger processor ships (4400hp-8000hp) and they do some kind of internship program. Will need to talk to them to find out the details.

Can someone tell me what HP is required to count for an unlimited license? I thought it was anything over 4,000hp. Again thanks for all the help.

Can someone tell me what HP is required to count for an unlimited license?[/QUOTE]

I’m sure you have already wandered through these while planning your future but just in case you forgot:

Hey thanks, yep I’ve glance through those. Since you’ve brought them up I printed them out this time. Called AMHS yesterday and rotations are 1wk/1wk and you need to be a resident of Alaska otherwise you get a 20% pay cut. Trying to find out some more info on WSF today. WSF & AMHS seem pretty close to each other 1wk/1wk schedules, 12hr days(84hr work week), and decent HP boats. Polar Tankers seems to be very hard to find an office number for. Am going to talk to our Port Engineer, I think he might know somebody there.

You are only talking about 90 or 120 days for your seatime correct? I understand you wanting to ‘network’ but this is a necessary part to get your license. I would be more concerned with just getting your cadet shipping done, and finished.

Many tugs are over 4000HP, and many have licensed limited chiefs aboard to sign you off. Quite alot of the ATBs are 7200 HP too. there are a few that are 10000 hp.

Although it may require you to fly to the east/gulf coast there are more options available to you.

Some companies who have large ATBs are: Bouchard Transportation, OSG, Vane Brothers, Crowley, Moran Towing, Reinauer Transportation, K-Sea, and probably more I have forgotten. Have you mentioned to them that you need ‘cadet time’, and not necessarily are lookiing for a full time job? I know several of these companies had cadets abd last summer. I had one. I forgot how little they are paid I think it was 60 a day! But the seatime is what you need, not pay.

Look up Central Gulf Lines/Waterman Steamship Corp, in Mobile AL. They operate a fleet of car carriers, ask for Marine personnel, Mike Burke. Tell him your story. They do a lot of around the world runs with cars and military vehicles. They operate 3 steam ships for MSC, but its steam plants.
I have no idea if they will take a cadet from your school but it is real world shipping on real ships.

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Not sure what you are trying to do. Are you going for a license in the end or? AMHS is a 2 week rotation for their licensed engineers. WSF is MEBA for both licensed and unlicensed. Most ships in the AMHS will count towards unlimited HP. Especially the bigger boats (Columbia and Malaspina) You could try Central Gulf, but they seem to usually have KP cadets on them. What does your school suggest? Pretty much any WSF, AMHS or MSC will have licensed engineers to sign off checklist. I did a few temp jobs on the AMHS and it not too bad a gig, but yes it is better to live there. They dont call it a 20% pay cut, but a 20% pay increase for the COLA. I also worked for Central Gulf, and they go to some nice places, but very very short port time in those places.

Doesn’t your school assist you with placement?

If you are looking for a assignment with “Big Engines” I would suggest you get in contact with Matson Navigation Company in Oakland, CA. They have a weekly liner container ship that calls in Seattle and others calling on ports on the west coast.

You would need to talk to Cindy Shortall in Marine Personnel. They take Cadets from CMA, KP, GLMA and Texas A&M so you may get in the door as well.

My own preference is getting non KP Cadets on board. They mostly seem to be well motivated and interested in gaining experience and most likely will actually sail after they graduate.

Good Luck.