How was Seattle Maritime academy's at sea internship?

^ Exactly what the title says.Was it all at once or did you just go at sea for a certain amount of time per day, and then went home?

Just responded to your private message. In almost all cases it’s all at once. Minimum 60days. But more likely 60-75days. Is there a reason why you’re asking? I would have thought the school would have already told ya this.

You do get about 30days underway while at school during the last two semesters. Basically a day on their boat then back at night.

Had a guy when I worked with L&M Botruc out of Galliano, LA (Brandon something) who came out for a few hitches I think. He was in the SM program. Good guy. Better than most deck hands in the company. Seemed to be enjoying himself although they did move him around several of the boats. I think he got paid a little too. I suppose the internship is what you make it. Depends on what industry you’d be suited for. If you like driving boats, come to the Gulf or work on tugs. If you like steam’n n dream’n then go deep sea. I’m not entirely sure how flexible the internship is with regards to where you can go.

Brandon is a friend if mine, really good guy. He is enjoying it so far.

I think I know Brandon too. Does he look like Captain Caveman? Nice guy.

but he’s a big guy with dark hair and glasses. didn’t fly around with a club, though.

I think the Alaska Marine Highway takes a few cadets every time

I’ve got a friend who went through their engineering program. She was placed on a Valdez route tanker and hired on after graduation. Sorry I don’t remember which company.