I'm sick and tired of the admissions process to SUNY maritime

I have been trying to enroll into this school for over 6 months, I cant even speak to a admissions rep!. I call every other day and get put on hold for 15+ minutes, then the rep comes back and says my admissions app needs to be handled by someone else and that person never picks up, or never gets in contact with me. It’s the same old story, I’m going to try one more time, if this continues on it’s there someone I can write a complaint to? they already have my application money.

That truly sucks. Only thing I can add is to try and contact somebody higher up the food chain (if at all possible) or if you’re located near the school, try going in person.

I always thought Great Lakes Maritime has a good program (Esp. for the deck folks so they can come out as deep-sea 3rd mates and have Great Lakes pilotage as well). I have also found the folks at GLMA to be helpful whenever I called or emailed a question.

You could always try to file a complaint with the BBB or even give MARAD a call…

Find out who the HEAD of the admissions department is. Name them specifically. Write a short one paragraph clear, concise, honest description and critique of your experience. Let them know to either ANSWER the phone or send your application money back.

Send this via registered, receipt requested USPS mail to the dept.

Guaranteed to get at least some results.