I'm not fast enough at hatch clamps

I’m on a laker and they’re saying I’m not fast enough at busting open hatch clamps. How can I get faster? It’s only my second week. Even my secomd mate is saying something.

Just curious but how much do you weigh? How tall are you? How strong are you? Be honest.

230 pounds, 5’11 and is say I’m decently strong

Either they are busting your balls being a new guy or you haven’t developed the motion (knack) to release the clamps. If the latter, go to one of your other shipmates or bosun for hatch clamp schooling.

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Damn, I don’t miss the Lakes.

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They gave me tennis elbow. Not to sound like a bitch but I was like damn this is annoying…haha

Talk to the bosun or a senior AB, ask them for pointers on how to speed up.

I worked on a self unloading former Lake barge that had 30 some dogs per hatch and 12 hatches. I got proficient at dogging/undogging in a timely manner quickly.

The barge was the Dana Dunn/ex-Freeport 1 and I hope it’s long gone to the breakers yard by now. Fuck that barge.

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…at least the old telescoping hatches are almost all gone. Snatch blocks, tarps…p.i.t.a.

A lot is in the rythm; some guys walk forward, other guys like to walk backward. Either way, make sure you find the best wrench you can. The more senior guys may be grabbing the good ones off the crane first. See if that helps.


The Dana Dunn was purchased by MOSIAC and became the" Bahia de Tampa" and is towed by the Tug Betty S. Yes you guessed it the Ole Death trap Paula G. They “MOSIAC” converted it into a Sulphur Barge. Basically gutting out the barge and installed Giant Stainless Steel Tanks. Yes the hatches are gone. The freeport 2 Was scraped, Towed away like many of the other TECO barges.

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