I'm getting a bad popup ad

It has happened a few times where I get redirected to an agressive site from here.

The last one was

Hopefully you can get them out of the ad queue.

Anything like in this thread?

What I’m talking about is an embedded video that is close to the bottom of the page. When reading the page it keeps jumping down to show the video making it next to impossible to read the article.

I saw your complaint tugs and knew it was something different. My reply was to the OP of this thread.

I’m getting it from here. I don’t use Facebook.

Edit- I’m also not on an iPhone.

Cloudfront, listed in the URL, is an Amazon video delivery system. Further in the URL, it indicates “Android”. If this is on an android device, you might check the apps list in settings and uninstall or deactivate anything that says “Cloudfront” or Amazon. There’s a lot of info about getting rid of that hijack-ware, HERE

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I checked and didn’t see anything under Cloudfront, I disabled all the built in Amazon apps when I got the phone a couple years ago. I also don’t allow third party apps and I’m getting the ad here.

Here’s info on getting rid of Cloudfront on Androids: LINK

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