gCaptain Facebook links


Has anyone else had issues with the massive amounts of pop ups and redirects when clicking on a gCaptain news link on Facebook?

I'm getting a bad popup ad

I use an ad blocker with Chrome so fortunately, few issues.


I seem to be having most of my problems while using an iPhone.


I get all sorts of spammy shit on my Iphone when I visit


No problems on my end, what spammy shit are you talking about?


We are working on the problem but it’s hard to catch because it only seems to happen to some users (mainly iPhone users using Facebook’s built in browser) some of the time. We also can’t get it to replicate on anynod our devices or any device that is fully updated with the latest security patches.

That said, specific details (what page you were viewing using what browser on what type of decive… etc) are helpful.


I get this only on my iPhone but it’s almost every time I open an article. I have to close the screen or the browser entirely and reopen, and hopefully the spam crap is gone. I mostly get the full screen “notification” that my iPhone has been infected with a virus or something like that.


That’s exactly it, spot on. However, my device is fully updated.


Same issue I’m having.


Iphone 6s, latest update, browsing main page with Safari. Also if I look at forum with Iphone. It’s intemittent


When was the last time you cleared facebook’s browser cache?


Is that possible on an iPhone using the Facebook app?


Yes but it’s hard to find (which is why so many people might be having problems). It’s under “Privacy Shortcuts”

After you do that click “more settings”. —> “Browse” —-> “Clear data”


Just completed, hopefully that will help. Thank you for all your assistance.


No problem but please let us know if it solves the problem.


So far it has worked.