Blasted adverts

Seem to have changed and now make the screen jump up and down all the time… (iPad).It started last week.

I don’t mind ads as they pay for the site, but when they make the site unreadable, … I M forced to stop reading.

Can someone in the engine room have a look?

Try a reset of the iPad by pressing and holding the power and home buttons. Hold the buttons until the screen goes black & continue to hold them until you see the Apple logo. It will take a couple of minutes before the iPad is operational again.

The same phenomenon on a Windows-7 PC with Google Chrome.

This flickering video could be an issue with Chrome’s hardware acceleration and the PC’s CPU.

You can try to resolve this issue as follows:

  • Open Settings in Chrome.
  • Click “Advanced” at the bottom of the page.
  • Under System, toggle “use hardware acceleration when available” OFF.
  • Restart Chrome.


Thanks, that did not help.

As @tomahawk wrote “…and now make the screen jump up and down all the time…”, it is not a flickering video.

The forum itself does not show any problems; it is gCaptain’s homepage and the news.

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The “jumping up and down” of gCaptains’s homepage and the news pages does not exist anymore.

When opening any page, the text still immediately jumps down about a tenth of the screen’s height, that’s all; scrolling for reading the text produces no continuing “jumps”.
This may have the same origin as the wild jumps, but it is irrelevant.


Indeed it has been sorted out.
Mant thanks.

All these pop up ads are a big problem for those of us with minimal internet access.

Two solutions:

  • Block popups either on the offending site or totally (easy, requires no additional software)
  • Install an ad blocker (More effective bandwidth-wise)

Of course, this assumes that you have local administrator rights. If you’re browsing on the radar console, good luck to you XD

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I don’t much object ot static adverts… but videos really get my goat.

What is worse is that I will never buy anything that is heavily advertised so all the carp about personalised advertising is just wrong. If Google had any real intellegence, they would stop throwing adverts at me.

I buy things I need… I do not buy because of ads. Pushy ads however do get companies on my don’t ever buy from them list. I avoid websites with too many ads, especially when I have low bandwidth