Video ads when reading gCaptain News

@john, Lately whenever I try to read a topic on gCaptain News, there is an annoying video that shows up on the lower right side of the page with some type of ad. The page will keep moving down to the video making it very hard to read the article.

Try an ad-blocker. I am using one now and I don’t get the videos.

Can you send me a screenshot?

Please include info on your browser and operating system when you see the ad? What does the ad say? gCaptain needs ads thru the network to earn a buck or two for monetization to keep the articles and services provided free for the general public. gCaptain has really done a great job with hard work included on the semi-new store. Check it out. There are several new products available. It’s really looking good.


Now I think the app is malfunctioning I keep seeing this annoying bot appearing all over the forum. Can you disable this plug in as well?

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