New gCaptain website is live

Thanks to months of hard work during a pandemic lockdown by our development team, lead by Mike McDonald, and our editorial team, lead by Mike Schuler, gCaptain is excited to announce our ALL NEW website! :tada::tada:

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Looks good.

No more Scuttlebutt?

It will be back

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There is a website?

Nice improvement. Although I am not looking for a job, it is nice to see the opportunities out front/side for some that are.


Looks good, the atricle view count is a nice feature.

Have you considered letting people comment under articles directly on the homepage? I think it helps news sites drive a lot of traffic when people are allowed to comment under articles.

To stop spam and abuse it could be made that you need to sign up for a forum account to comment under an article. I think news comment sections tend to go a bit crazy when people donโ€™t actually have to sign up with an email.

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We had that for many years and we still have that on our facebook page.

But have you seen the comments on our facebook page? Unlike this forum, very few of the facebook comments add value to the conversation.

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It isnโ€™t about adding value to the conversation but driving traffic to the site.

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Thatโ€™s not a bad thing Mr Phoenix. I really enjoy this site and the mariners that participate. I hope more mariners participate. Some negative stuff , not so much, but a wealth of information that benefits all. We donโ€™t always agree, but well done Mr Konrad.

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