ILA Imposed trusteeship of Local 333 on Staten Island

Is UMD Local 333 being taken over by MMP?

Harold Daggett and his gang at the ILA hijacked UMD Local 333 back in October of 2011 by imposing some bogus trusteeship on the Union. The past president had been soundly defeated in three separate elections and could not regain control of 333 by fair election. Instead, the almighty at the ILA interceded on his behalf and threw out the duly-elected president, albeit a dopey incompetent president, and imposed their trusteeship in order to “rescue the union”.

Today, Local 333 is in worse financial shape than ever and the trusteeship is still in effect. Rumor suggest the ILA has to give-up the trusteeship by October 2014, and an alliance between ILA-MMP and Local 333 is in the works for the near-future of Local 333.

Any News?