Local 333 being hijacked by John Healy and his ILA Cronies

Think most on here are in the gulf but there’s all kinds of bs going on up here in the Northeast. Looks like Local 333 is being disolved and turned into two illegal locals without the union members having a vote. John Healy the former President who lost two consecutive elections is using his ILA connections to create a new union for him to be in charge of. I can’t believe they are actually getting away with this and the NLRB is just sitting by and watching it.

What do you think the NLRB is? A bunch of proponents of right to work? They love the unions! They could care less. Just look at how much flack they gave Boeing when they opened a plant in South Carolina.

Sounds like there will be another decertifying vote on the terrace then! I should imagine it won’t take more than one or two more to totally eliminate 333 or it’s relevance in the negotiating stature of labor.

333 is all done, finished, over, no more.
It was split between 350 & 342.

cappy 208- do you have a dog in this fight?
What are men DOING over there.
Here, it’s galley table bitching and that’s it.


cappy 208- do you have a dog in this fight?
What are men DOING over there.
Here, it’s galley table bitching and that’s it.[/QUOTE]

?? Huh? Of course I have a dog in this fight! As a matter of fact, we ALL have a dog in this fight. As much as the unknowing bleat to the contrary, my wages are based strictly on the negotiated wages that come as a result of the Union contracts. My percentage each year has been tied to the rank and file. I know which side my bread is buttered on. Too bad others think they are so special they will somehow be kept whole in spite of the past. The ability of the men to organize is key to all our survival. But, the leadership of 333 since Cornette has left an indelible stain on the fabric we depend on. Since the fractured fights from Cornette to Chilimi, to Healy, Larsen and Harrigan everyone has lost faith in the concept and leadership of 333. It effects each and every one of us in New England, since all of our wages depends upon the labor agreements done on Bay St. Even Vane wages are effected by this. Their ads even state: New York harbor experience gets extra. The thought that the workers can organize effectively to gain greater than non organized wages is key. How the RTBU fairs will be a harbinger of either a new beginning or a deathknell to how ALL of our wages prevail. Of course there will be some who keep hoping Morty will ‘make it right’ to make the concept of an organized Union useless. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that! Remember, Morty re-signed the first contract in 96 (post '88 strike) with 333 and was the first to break it again. That resigning determined all our wages for 10 years.

You mention galley table bitching. Yup, that is where all the shit starts. The fricking cook! But seriously, the crews talking about this all can figure out there is something seriously wrong here. Just like Forrest Gump. It don’t take a genius to see something is wrong.

All the captains here are non-union, most anti-union.

The '88 lock-out was way before my time.
I’ve learned to stay clear of any conversations on that subject, tempers still run rabid when it comes up.

I suspect the rising wages in the GOM will effect NY wages more directly than a couple of tug guys trying to bargain with the company.
I try to pay attention to what RTBU is doing, but not much has been done…yet.
And even if they get a golden egg, no one here will organize the troops to follow their lead.

Me? I’m just glad I have a job (2 of them).
333 ain’t done squat for me except cash my checks.
The last contract was a slap in the face.
I don’t expect anything more from 350.

The 333 work list shows 15 captains & mates, 2 Engineers, 2 tankermen and 9 deckhands registered.
27 union members looking for work?
That’s gotta be a joke.

As someone that went through the 88 strike, I will say I would never trust the ILA. Those Assholes thru us under the bus and WOULD not stand by us when we were Locked Out! I talked to quite a few ILA members that worked the docks and they all said that they were told not to support 333’s Strike because it would hurt them when it came time to renew their contract.

As for what is happening now, I have no idea but from what I have been told 333 became a joke.

I hope it can be worked out because as was stated before a lot of wages in the North East are / used to be set on whatever 333 was getting.

I’d like to care with you guys but I have no idea what 333 is (other than numerically 1/2 of the devil).

Can some one give me the one minute rundown?

Local 333, United Marine Division, ILA, AFL-CIO
(The NY Harbor workers union)

They claim to represent these outfits:
Buchanan, Circle Line, Casco Bay, K-Sea, Philladelphia, K-Sea, NY Marine Oil, Metropolitan, North Ferry,
Great Lakes, Henry Marine, Moran, Penn, Poling & Cutler, Reicon, Reinauer, Reinauer Yard Workers, Statue Cruises

That list is from their website, but it’s way out of date.

Due to political shenanigans, none of the current leadership was elected by the members.

We were told this:

To The Membership of Local 333
Sep 07, 2012

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

As you know, I am the current trustee of Local 333 since the resignation of Joseph McCann, Esq. at the end of April, 2012. During the last three months I have spent considerable time examining the status of Local 333, particularly the financial condition of the Local. We have hired an outside accountant to go over the books of the Local and that accountant told us that the Local could not survive financially in it’s present condition.

The Local has lost membership because of decertification, has hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of debt and lawsuits against it which all came before the trusteeship, and has unfair labor practice complaints against it at the National Labor Relations Board (also because of events before the Trusteeship).

I have reported these facts to the UMD Executive Board. Our primary interest is in making sure that all of you are protected by our Union. In Local 333’s current condition, the sale of the Local’s assets to satisfy some of the debts would not be enough. Staffing cuts would have to be made, meaning less representation to you. This is not acceptable to the UMD Board ( Local 333 representation on the board did not have a say in this because they are in the arrears).

The UMD Executive Board has decided to transfer your collective bargaining agreements and your membership to two other Locals of this UMD and to sell the assets of Local 333 in order to pay its debts.

We have tried to do this in a logical way as follows:

The Ferry contracts and members who work for city government will be transferred to Local 342.

Those members and contracts with private employers will be transferred to Local 350.

Business Agents Ron Tucker and Richie Russo will be hired by Local 342.

Business Agents Paul Roura and Mike Riordan will be hired by Local 350 and will continue to service members in contracts with private employers.

If there is any money left over after the sale of the building and payment of all debts of the Local Union, that money will follow your membership into the other Locals.

We hope to be able to finish all of the transfers as soon as possible. I will continue as Trustee of Local 333 until the building is sold and all debts settled. I will continue to report to you as we wind up this unfortunate matter.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

William M. Hennessey