Local 333 is now MMP/AMG!

Votes came in and 333 is apart of MMP.

I thought mmp members had to approve it too? their ballot isn’t due until december 4th.

too bad the 333 bozos will be going to mmp too.

[QUOTE=z-drive;147870]I thought mmp members had to approve it too? their ballot isn’t due until december 4th.

too bad the 333 bozos will be going to mmp too.[/QUOTE]

A solid yes from the mmp membership is a good bet.

As far as the bozos, current mmp leadership is pragmatic and competent, hopefully that will counterbalance and dampen the bozomanship.

[QUOTE=Kennebec Captain;147871]

hopefully that will counterbalance and dampen the bozomanship.[/QUOTE]

Let’s hope so, although they’re up against epic bozo’bility.

that’s not very nice Mr. Z-drive…

So let me get this right, the good men and women that have and still operate as United Maritime Division Local 333 are considered "bozos " to you?

No but the leadership than ran it into the ground including the delegates are going to MMP as a package deal. Whole idea was to move away from them in my opinion.

How’s RTBU’s negotiations going with Kirby? Haven’t heard any good dirt on it yet. Let me guess: tankerman and OS are big gainers, mates and licensed engineers get shit?

I think you know pretty well Mr. Z-drive that the RTBU isn’t a real Union. The 333 did have some bad leadership but it still has A lot of great Mariners. I’m glad the MMP picked them up and I pray the Kirby crews will join MMP now that a new chance has arrived.

I have nothing bad to say about the mariners anywhere, especially in the NY unions. My concerns lie with leadership.

Did the Spike Marlin guy have anything to do with the move? I know when I was at Moran, that guy was trying to decertify.

MMP membership has until 4 Dec to vote. I say its a win-win for both unions. As a new division of MMP, the 333 guys will be able to vote out their old leadership and get some new blood in there to righten their ship. MMP has at least one contract that requires TOAR’s and we have precious few TOAR qualified people. Acquiring 333 and all the TOAR’s there will help us land more contracts with Tug companies, IMHO.

Hate to hijack the thread but… I have a question for all you union experts. So if I were to land a job as an AB with a company like Moran, what is the procedure for joining the union? Just curious because I’ve never worked for a union company before… Is there a separate union for ABs?

I presume that the new MMP/AMG will represent all former Local 333 seafarers, both licensed and unlicensed. I hope that this works out well for NY mariners.

If the company hired you, you get a set number of days to apply to the union and pay your initiation fee and start dues. They usually let you make payments on the initiation.

So bend over and take your initiation son. You about to be a union man.

Exactly like Mr. Z-Drive says, most unions in the northeast are management unions. Just there to represent you in negotiations so the cohesion can remain strong between the employees and their employers. The structure of the Union dues and the initiation fee is very reasonable. Good luck.

Thanks for the info guys… I’m finally making the jump from passenger boats to tugs. I sent out a bunch of emails to every tugboat company in NY and only got call backs from 2… Bouchard and Moran. Reading the Bouchard threads has made me shy away from the big red boats a bit. Not much info on here about Moran, which is probably a good thing!

Tugboats are like high school, the less something is talked about, the less controversial it is, the better it is!

If Bouchard called, take it as a good sign. They still pay the most and have first class equipment. And Moran is a top union company.

If Bouchard is offering work don’t turn it down automatically. Especially getting your foot in the door on workboats. You seem to have good options.