If you can drive here, you can drive anywhere!

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Any one have challenging conditions in whech they operate? I’d love to see them.

Typical Fourchon. It’s better during a northern.

Been doing that Boot-scoot for 20 years! Gotta love it! Nothing like a Fouchon shuffle to make your day!
Capt. Squeaky

No the fun part is when 13 is messed up like has been for the last week, fun when you dont know what your going to meet trying to turn in to haliburton slip and your on one engine.

Try driving around with one of these guys hanging below you 1300’. LOL

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I’d rather be in the suit!

Not if you had gas!

My gas doesn’t stink!!!

He’s got girl farts that always smell like roses

Anyone who has time to take that many pictures is either really good or hasn’t seen real traffic. The worst traffic I’ve seen was in Hamburg. I don’t have a photo of my own to share (for the above stated reason) but here’s one pulled off the internet.
<img height=“159” width=“501” src="http://gcaptain.com/maritime/forum/uploads/2008/10/hamburg.png[/img]
It’s more impressive up close and in motion… promise.

Just wondering if anyone has a pic of Halliburton Channel taken from on the bridge of one of Chouest’s big anchor handlers? With a height of eye at 80 feet or whatever it is on those, the view must be amazing!

I happened to have just gotten off watch so I had ample time to take pictures and enjoy the view! FYI height of eye on one of those big anchor handlers (OK, medium anchor handlers; ie not the Laney) is only 53.5 feet.

John, at least there seems to be some semblance of order in Hamburg. The Kattegat / Skagerrak can get really hairy too, especially at night. I wish I had some pictures but I had the watch for that transit.

You’re right on both acounts… just giving you guys a hard time.