I’m preparing to join SIU

SIU asks you to fill out form sf86 for for MSC contracts I believe. I won’t be filling that out until I know I can pass the security clearance background check which will be after I get my irs tax account at least current with payments.

Will getting the security clearance denied be a major hinderance for getting contracts once I am finished with the UA program? Can I reapply for the clearance a year after?

Honestly I’m broke right now, looking for work in the maritime industry and desperately applying for regular jobs near my house to be able to get A little extra money to be able to get an STCW or even be able to attend one of the academies for free. But it seems I need at least $1500-$2000 saved up in order to do that, so I think I’m going the SIU route as my way in.

MSC jobs are not issued by contracts. If you sign on, it’s a full-time job.

I believe he is referring to SIU crewed government contract ship jobs gotten through the hall, not regular MSC.

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I see. Not a good option money-wise but probably better than CIVMAR in terms of getting time off.

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It sounds like you owe the IRS and have late payments, that may be a problem depending on your adjudicator.
Yes, you can reapply after a year. You can use that time to clean up your credit, pay any debt down and show that you’re trying to take care of it.
Good luck.

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Getting accepted into the SIU’s Apprentice program is step one. Once completed, you will see the opportunities that are open to you. Not all jobs are aboard government contract ships.

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If you have a clean background, i.e. no DUIs or DWIs or Felonies, there are several outfits on the Great Lakes that are dying for SIU entry level workers right now on the Deck and Engine sides. Most have signing bonuses as well if you stay 60 days straight or 90 days total in a calendar year.

The reason I mention the DUI/DWI is that Canada will bar you from entry if you have one, regardless of timeline.

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