I could really use some help... this may not be the place or whatever. sorry :(

I have 5 years electrical experiance in the refineries and doing commercial work. I am currently enrolled in a process operations course at my local college. I have a TWIC, Security Passport, METS/HUET, BASIC firstaid and cpr and AED, BP right to work card. I spent about 4 months as a BR hand for SODEXO and couldnt stand it. Getting paid 7.25 and hour to scrub toilets and what not. I would love some help going offshore or on a boat doing ANYTHING OUTSIDE. I am a craftsman, not a janitor. Every company i apply with always says the same thing. Looking for experiance or that they are not hiring. I have tried everyone local that i can find on rigzone. Ive gone to several companies.

I just got laid off from my job and I really need to go to work… Please, if anyone can help me i would appreciate it. I will post my resume as well

thank you for your time…

Mark Powell


My objectives are to demonstrate to future employers why I would be a great fit for the team. Also, to show, through documentation and demonstration, a desire to learn and a willingness to change and adapt, I will show that I am a valuable asset to any company.

Functional summary

I am a highly motivated worker with the desire to learn new things. I work hard and I do a good job. My experience is varied, but the majority of it comes from the construction industry. I want to grow with a company who will give me the chance to succeed and to prove that I am a good investment. I am currently enrolled full time in college doing night class work and some online. I am very competent and diligent. I enjoy challenges and I work well with others.

Summary of qualifications

TWIC card holder
Safe Gulf
First Aid and CPR
Serve Safe
Valid passport and driver’s license


2004-2005 Various companies waiting tables – Hattiesburg MS

  • Established a good work ethic and taught me desire to better myself.

2005-2008 Sprint Nextel- Mobile AL (District Sales Manager)

  • Led the division in sales and customer support. Maintained customer accounts using company policies and procedures. Ensured store met monthly sales goals. Increased retention and decreased shrink. Saw to it that stores were fully staffed and had staff members who were committed to the brand. Participated in scheduling and planning, installing and updating plan-o-grams. Began career as a sales associate and moved my way up the ladder to DM. Please inquire for details.

2008-2011 Triad Electric and Controls (Electrical Journeyman) Baton Rouge, LA

  • Design and fabricate electrical support and conduit for industrial refinery operations. I have hands on experience pulling cable and terminating wire. I am proficient in installing and making up single/3 phase high/low voltage motor controls and 480V switchgears. Some experience in PLC cabinets. Laid out and installed Phase 2 of the Yokogawa project on the instrumentation side. Heavy work with DeviceNet and Fieldbus controls.

2011-2011 Journeys Shoes (Co Manager) Biloxi, MS
– Assisted the store manager with the daily operations of the store. Made sure employees under me achieved there sales goals and gave constructive criticism where needed. Maintained accurate inventory counts and reduced shrinkage.

2011-2012 Sodexo Remote Sites (GoM, Office in Harahan,LA)

2012-2013 Perkins Electric Co.

  • Commercial/residential/light industrial electrical work. Reading and understanding prints and layouts, I was able to fabricate/install/terminate my own work without heavy supervision. Running EMT and Rigid conduit using unistrut and toggle bolts with minimal damage to supporting structures. Extremely capable of achieving and maintaining production goals.


2005 Obtained GED from Bishop State Community College

English as primary with some functional Spanish.


James Hogan- Electrical Foreman
Steve Lanning - Electrical Superintendent
Chris Derveloy- Project Manager
Roger Overholtzer- Electrical Foreman

Contact information available upon request

Good Lord MAN…don’t post your resume on here like that! Especially selling shoes! If you had done any research here you would learn that you can easily qualify to be a rig electrician with any of the drilling companies. Have you contacted ANY of them yet? Have you gone to any of the shipyards?

I just PMed him in case he doesn’t pop back in right away. OP you can post your resume in the job section: http://jobsite.gcaptain.com/jobseeker/login/

You can also post a resume at RigZone and send one to the drilling companies that you plan to follow up with a visit, hopefully.

This isn’t the place to post personal info, because the forum is open to the public and Google indexed. Good luck.

He should also look into ETO positions with the boat companies.

LOl thanks for the input guys… It says that i may not edit posts so maybe a mod can do it for me. And yes i have tried will several companies to get hired, even as an electrician. I even got told by one compnay that i didnt look “salty” enough because i have smooth skin or whatever. Everyone says were not hiring inexperianced hands. i can do the work i swear i can… i just dont know how to get in the door. oh and living in gulfport ms is an issue to since alotta places want you within 50 miles of shop :wink:

Your resume says a lot about you, and you need to make sure there are no spelling or punctuation errors. I immediately noticed “experience” being misspelled, along with small “i” instead of “I” when used to describe yourself. IT DOES make a difference. Pay someone to do it if you need to. Good luck.

its telling me that i cannot edit my posts… so yeah… i dont know how… but theres not really any personal info on there…

anyway… i realizes now that this is in the wrong section so if a mod could move it… im still looking for work, and i have applied everywhere that i can think of or find from gulfport to houma. but there is nothing for soem one with only 6 months experiance.

Wait a minute…you don’t say if you have your MMC (merchant mariner credential). Are you looking for shore-side work or something offshore?


[QUOTE=catherder;102714]Wait a minute…you don’t say if you have your MMC (merchant mariner credential). Are you looking for shore-side work or something offshore?[/QUOTE]

An MMC is not required to be a rig assistant electrician. Only a position required on a manning certificate would required having anything issued by the USCG.

In some circles of our industry the inability to spell or use correct grammar and punctuation could enhance your employment opportunities…

Thanks for looking at my resume and showing me my mistakes. Resume has been updated accordingly. I do not have MMD (Z-card), but I would not have any trouble at all getting it. Drug and felony free. I do not know what an ETO position is. I am lookign for offshore work, either on a boat or on a rig. All these certs and cards get kinda expensive. Any other input would be apprecited!