How to renew medical card

With exploding new Covid 19 outbreaks,how does one renew a STCW medical card?

Is the USCG medical staff reviewing applications and issuing new medical cards at this time?

My renewal was approved for issuance Friday, so at least some of them are. I didn’t need any waivers though.

This process has remainded fairly normal. Send in a physical from the last year to the MEDAIP@USCG.MIL email and they’ll take care of it. Make sure all your forms are complete and have your name on it, my printer like to cut off my name and social from the bottom.

Yes, I had no issues with mine processed last month. I have a waiver, and both my doctor and I are well versed in jumping through the hoops in terms of documenting compliance with the waiver. So, make sure you medical examination form is filled out perfectly before you send it, should be turned around quite quickly. Processing time for mine from the date I emailed it in, to receiving the new card in the mail, was 17 days.

I had zero issues during the summer. Submitted by email and received it in the mail pretty quickly afterwards.