How not to forge a flag certificate

Recently the Spanish authorities discovered a falsified ICP, which was supposed to have been issued by the ANWB in the Netherlands.

The owner of the boat, a retired police officer, purchased the vessel with ICP in good faith and was stunned when the authorities made the discovery.

The observations which led to the determination they had uncovered a forged ICP were :

  • the document was plasticised, as the boat owner received it. None of the issuing agencies in the Netherlands ever plasticised their ICP’s.
  • the ICP was issued by the ANWB and the issue date was 17 February 2017, whereas the ANWB stopped issuing ICP’s in 2016
  • on closer inspection with a magnifying glass it was obvious the document was printed with the help of an ordinary laser printer

Both the police in Spain and the authorities in the Netherlands take it very seriously as the people responsible for the falsifications, sold false flag certificates in the hundreds.