Honduras documents

Good day to your all mariners. I am bringing to this forum a very serious safety matter which is occuring in Guyana and involve US Companies.
It was reported to the offshore vessel operators in Guyana that persons in Guyana are obtaining Honduras Licences without taking any classes or tests whatsoever. They are practically buying documents.
The offshore vessel operator promised to investigate the matter but never did. Please assist me in getting this serious safety matter addressed.

This unsafe practice needs to stop.

Report to flag. Since your name implies Captain, that should be obvious. I don’t see this as a function of gCaptain when it’s a legal obligation of the vessel’s Captain.

Thanks for your input. I have reported this to the operations manager of my company and he promised to investigate but never did. I am using this forum to start a discussion on this topic as i have worked with US captains in Guyana who have faced similar issues but were told by their bosses to work with what they have.

Some of those vessels are US flagged.