How do you become a tankerman?

I need slot of help. I work offshore doing catering @8.00/hr

it is hard to find correct info. I am in Houston tx but will move to any state.

How do you become a tankerman?

I have twic/dd214 navy/stcw.

Sgs tankerman said there school was 10,000. Everyone else says you have to be a deckhand for so many days and then have the company train you.

How do you really do it?

I want a better life and sgs says the 10,000 bucks for there school bypass the offshore thing

please help me.


if you live in Texas…investigate the inland company Kirby Corp…you start as deckhand and they have a fairly good training program for tankerman.

i used to work for kirby. They got a good program, start out in a 2 week basic deckhand course, teach you safety and how to tie up the barges ect. then you work as a deckhand and after x amount of months you go to there basic tankerman class, learn how to load/dis, back to the boat to get 10 loads and dis w a tankerman, then back to class for their final prep. All classes are paid for and you also get your daily wage while in class.
other companies down there:
maryland marine
theres a bunch, search google

Shake if you get experience on boats first and then go shore tankerman you can always go back to boats. Gives you more options I worked for SGS after I had my tankerman endorsement.I decided to go back to work on the boats. Just about all companys that have chemical barges pay for schooling.