Becoming a Tankerman in Texas

[B]My wife saw an ad in our local newspaper here in Houston for a Tankerman for SGS and I’m interested in applying. The training lasts about 4 months and if all goes well you will obtain your Merchant Marine Credentials (MMC). If accepted, you have to pay for the training - $13,000 (yikes that’s a lot of money). The benefits seems to be good and the pay they mentioned is about $60,000 per year. But I had a few questions: The website says you work 6 days and off for 3 with some overtime though it’s not guaranteed – is this accurate. Is overtime mandatory or is it optional if offered? Is there a union? What are the union dues like? Do you report to work for a certain time? Is it required that you live very close by? Is the pay range correct? Once you make your year mark – is it hard to get time off for vacations and such? Is SGS a good company to work for? What is the Pasadena location like? This is the location I wish to apply for as I live an hour away. Is retirement 20 or 30 years? Are the retirement plans good? Anything else I should know that I’m not asking? Sorry for all the questions - thanks in advance for your help!