How DO WE make Boats FLY and Ships SURF.!?

[U][B]We have added our innovated FINS to the bottom of the Hull,[/B][/U]

[U][B]We are now, playing with the invention, on our PWC Toys…[/B][/U]

You may want to investigate Austal cats. I believe they are from Au or Nz. I recall seeing something like this around 10 or 15 yrs ago. They came up with this concept to use (IIRC) air induction channels to reduce wetted surface tension.

On another thought look up a book by ‘Uffa Fox’. He was a noted designer from the thirties. Quite innovative steps, channels, and Chines, etc etc etc.

Best of luck in your endeavors.

The problem you will run into in trying to make “ships fly” is the relatively low speed of the craft. The lifting strake has been around as long as the first modern planing hull desins, but it does little to nothing on a displacemnt hull. And hydrofoil desins require speed to make them work. It basically breaksdown to hull shape and the propulsion on larger craft.

Many of the high speed craft you will find are multihull designs, not something that is a shipyard add on.

[I]Thank you dear knowledgeable mariners, for your input; but the invention I am referring to, is actually [B]NEW[/B] to all who has not yet seen “How we make Boats Fly and Ships-Surf” as I am sharing on the open www but yet not known by the whole Maritime Industry, which has mostly blind-minds to inventors, yet will copy them/us and our sought partners, as soon as we do find the Partner we need for such important inventions and put the products on the market.

In fact, even when we show and tell our potential partners to the project, they seem to think the invention is in our new product line, also new and never seen by the Maritime Industry or patented.

As I show in this video clip, the eye does not see what you feel when you are in the ‘cruiser’ but we are showing the “Lifted” boat pass-by compared to the plowing boat, as it is made by one of the world’s more famous manufacturer who has all the knowledge most Mariners have, not including our new science resulted from the discovery and its privately funded and yet secret innovation.

For too many years, I have been seeking the proper partners, but could not comply with USA Navy Directors and Agents dishonesty to Taxpayers, and while some Australians are supportive and even are my Mates, the Owner of Austal was dis-serviced by his own management when Mr. Armstrong failed to recognize or realize I do have advanced new know-how they do not have and as you know, were foolish to ignore or disrespect. The first time I learned about our Global Experts’ and Scientists’ limitations, was years ago when they told me it could not be done, and I had a successful prototype in my back-yard. I also learned, why inventions do not reach the markets, if ever, by the inventors.

So, like Apple or other modern incorporations; we apologies to the industry but mostly to its consumers and our potential clients, for keeping our trade-secrets to be shared first with our successful partner for Global Introduction of our specialized consulting and licensing plus production of PowerFins’ products lines and Superior Hulls’ design for new hulls’ construction.

Respectfully yours, Amnon for SHInc.[/I][ATTACH]1439[/ATTACH]

You are on track of knowledge, where new advanced construction is yet leading technologically; and I am more sorry to see again the Canadian Coast-Guard and Navy as well as USACG USA NAVY new fleets construction on same old known naval-architecture thinking back as no future can be expected, as I was told “Everything has already been invented” in this so ancient art.

So, I show but can better demonstrate… how we make them fly or surf, as slow as rawing… (Yes, my Flying Sailboat, is also a rawing boat, seen as flying and most-sharp turning speedboat which jumps or climb on waves we can find or make, in case you look at the video clips I can show and tell about.)

Please, lets hope there are these Mariners who like to see new discoveries in our industry, who will see wise inventors, not as fools or dreamers…but engineers, like myself.

Amnon Michael Cohen, Victoria.BC.Canada.

Thanks for your note, and yes, my invention is new; and while others have been coming my way {“Superior Surface Effects Technologies”} we are in clear leadership, and may loose some, if I work with the Offshore Manufacturer of Recreational Water-sports and Boating water-crafts including sailboats under 20 feet, as modern and as advanced as any worldwide. They are not yet into Tunnel hulls from what I have seen of theirs wide products line, but we know that is such applications, as well as in hydroplanes like the skid-fin and yet better, the specialized Fins help lift faster and hold to directional stability of the now flying boats.

Beyond stepped hulls and as you suggest, Deep V and Lifting-Strakes and well tested designs since cavemen, we are working with a yet new phenomenon we have mastered by innovation - simply because there are some real scary conditions at play if the phenomenon is not in the pilot’s simple natural and safe control - which are matched by the Fantastic feeling of the ‘pounding’ boat ‘flying’ on top of the top of the water, without bouncing from plowing the waterway the pilot selects by her/his simple ease of steering.