Propelling "Oasis of the Seas

[B]Pretty cool… [/B]

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I went ahead and posted this on the blog as well. Sorry to edit your post Nauticart, but it’s a competition thing;)

[B]Thankyou. :smiley: I tried to put the video in like you did and it didn’t work. I also like how “your” post went in 3 minutes before mine…lol and while your on a “roll” did you clear me to edit my classified ? :rolleyes:[/B]
[B]Thanks, as always, for your help.[/B]

Is it just me, or at about 1:01, does it look like they have different bow thrusters for each direction? So while he says 3, they really have 6? Or am I just seeing things…

as it appears to me…total of four thrusters…fixed pods w/ CP…1&3-2&4 diametrically opposed…in combination with the stern azi-pods…comes equipped with the own assist tug option!!:cool::cool:

[B]It’s you, @ 1:01 mark you can see 4 thrusters just like “seadog” typed. they are alternated, and I think you got the “3” from the azipod’s. [/B]

My new ship has nearly the same system (ABB generators powering azipod thrusters all connected to a kongsberg dp system) except, instead of bow thrusters, we have a total of 6 azipods… 3 up forward and 6 back aft… but no bow thrusters.

The major difference is that bow thrusters allow for a more streamlined hull (higher speed while underway) but quickly loose their effectiveness as forward speed (or speed relative to the current!) increases. As long as you use your bow thrusters only in protected waters (i.e. when docking) then your good to go… but they are nearly useless while at sea.

You can see the forward thruster well for our azipods HERE but, unfortuantely, she was launched before they put the thrusters on.