Hong Kong in trouble

A great article. New Zealand is in a similar position to Singapore. We trade extensively with China and we have a relationship with the US. Being forced to take sides and deal only with the US would bankrupt us.

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Hong Kong is a Chinese city, under Chinese sovereingty and not an independent country (It has never been)
The “One Country.Two Systems” agreement put responsibility on both sides.

China cannot afford to have riots,like what happened in HK, on it’s territory, as it could affect social stability in other parts of China
Nothing scare the Chinese Government more (no matter who runs it) than social unrest.

As was pointed out by Powerabout, there have been plenty of unrest and wars in China over the centuries and millenniums of history, they don’t need any more.

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HSBC, headquartered in London, along with Standard Chartered seem to be OK with China’s increasing role in Hong Kong’s affairs acording to what the Asia Pacific head of HSBC said this week.
“HSBC respects and supports any laws that stabilize the social order in Hong Kong and revitalize economic prosperity and development in Hong Kong,”
Which shows who and what really rules Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world.

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As a devout capitalist & a nonrepenting supporter of our 1st, 2nd & 4th amendment rights I must admit I didn’t & don’t support the anarchists who intermingled with the protesters in HK. Support the protesters, Yes! The anarchists, Absolutely Not! A few months ago I read about local HK police officers being caught on fire & having their throats slashed with razors. The media & general public pandering to the protesters without aggressively condemning & stopping the anarchists solves nothing & only makes the problems worse. One side will win & I hope it’s not the one laden with anarchists. I honestly don’t think China wants to sacrifice a cash cow but suspect they will to save face & defeat anarchists.

Unfortunately I’ve read about nonprofits & minority owned small businesses across the US being looted & destroyed by anarchists & local police officers being shot & killed across the nation but they didn’t get a single sentence from the ABC News anchor tonight. The lopsided pandering continues. It seems the US & China are in the same boat now?

Yes the situation in HK was and is bad, but outside interference doesn’t help. Especially not cutting HK off from the only thing that is keeping the territory important to China; it’s status as a financial hub and trading centre.

Of course, China is preparing for the possibility that HK will loose it’s status and are developing Shanghai and Shenzhen as alternative to HK.

PS> China is, like the rest of the world, watching the situation in the US right now, but you don’t see Chinese officials or politicians on US streets encouraging the demonstrators (or the right and left wing tugs that is mingling with them)

The situation is bad enough without people posting exaggerated and mostly erroneous comments about single events.

One police officer was slashed with a “sharp object” and the assailant was immediately arrested.

There are no reports of police being “caught on fire”.

One would hope that those who seem to delight in crying “fake news” at every unfavorable report would be a little more cautious about what they “report”.

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I’m definitely not pro-China but don’t swallow the propaganda hook, line & sinker. If you choose to only read the media from one source or ignore/dismiss/down play “news” that you find inconvenient that’s fine. The world keeps on turning no matter what we choose to believe.

You’v been looking in the mirror again(??)
Yes, thanks heaven, the world is turning, no matter what you, I, or anyone else think, or say.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look outside your comfort zone for info and facts.

ombugge, what in the heck are you rambling about now? Steamer said they’re were “no reports” of rioters/protesters catching police on fire & I posted 2 links. 1 of a video of police officer(s)on fire & 1 from ABC News saying pro-China protesters were caught on fire by anti-China rioters/protesters. Are you now arguing the protesters/rioters in Hong Kong have been consistently peaceful? Check the weekly pill planner & see if the bin with the “F” on top is empty or not.

I was answering to your quoted statement only.
ABC News may be too “radical” to be inside your comfort zone??

PS> When I opened the link in your post, this is what came up:

the important part is the trade war and any sanctions on China are not levied against HK, thats really why china hasnt moved in.
The billionaire elites running china still need to get their money out somehow…

outside interference, yes thats interesting, they seem to only speak mandarin when attacking the locals

Who the h*ll are “they”?
You don’t hear much Mandarin in HK (except by Mainlanders)
In mainland China, incl. across the border in Shenzhen, you hear little else.

PS> No use to speak Mandarin to Hongkeys, they don’t understand it.

thats what the locals are saying, mainlanders are stirring up trouble