Hong Kong in trouble

I agree with what you say. The Brits made the rules that because their position in the 19th century in world trade that today’s business functions by Western Nations. Does it serve everyone’s interest - no.
When you look behind the gloss in HongKong I can understand the attitude of the young. I had a gap of many years from 1971 until a couple of years ago when I had a couple of trips there. Up until 1971 I was a frequent visitor . I think the inequity was more visible now than back then

Isn’t it that it is banned that make it illegal?
If it is legal to manufacture it is no longer an “illegal drug”.

Lots of different types of drugs are made in China and exported to the rest of the world legally. In fact a lot of the base chemicals and ingredients of drugs made everywhere originate from China.

If you are talking about the production of amphetamine, it is as illegal in China as anywhere else. But it is being produced in China illegally and smuggled across the border to Thailand etc. for distribution to satisfy the “hungry” market in the rest of the world.

If you thought that the Communist Party has total control and illegal activity therefore is either not happening in China, or condoned by the Government and party, think again.

You have been in China I presume? Are you so blind to reality to that you don’t see what is happening around you?
Yes crime rate is relatively low in China, (especially violent crime and murder) but other illegal activity and civil disobedience is clearly visible to those who doesn’t ware blinders, or is blinded by their biases…

You know very well that protests and riots has been going on in HK since the earliest days of colonization. (Although it was brutally suppressed by the Brits up to the time it became inevitable that HK would revert to Chinese rule)
Peaceful demonstration is legal in HK now. It is violence and destruction of property that is illegal. (As it is in ALL other countries)

The extradition law wasn’t force on HK by China, but “invented” by the HK Gov’t to avoid HK becoming a heaven for Chinese criminals hiding from prosecution in the territory. (Extraditing to Taiwan of a person convicted of murder was a “trigger”)

Yes, both HK and Singapore owe a lot of their success in business to the fact they have the Rule of Law and that that Law is British Common Law.
Singapore is even trying to rival London as the preferred place for Maritime Arbitration. (I have been Expert Witness, appearing before the Arbitration Court in Singapore a few times)

It was and is a good place for expats, but the riots of late has made it less so. Lots of Expats have left, or moved to other places in Asia, (Incl. Singapore and even to China)

Most of the very rich in HK are pro-China, since their fortunes are mostly dependent on China and that China ensure a peaceful HK (for property prices)

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The fentanyl and meth/ice that China makes is being made by CCP owned chemical companies and shipped straight out via normal shipping methods.
The OZ government has already highlighted most comes out of Shanghai.

If a factory allows any distribution in china they will close it and jail the operators.
That makes the news so foreign powers are happy as they think the ccp is doing something about it.
plenty of press about it

Is this the CCP’s version of Trump’s MAGA?

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saying all that
a person can be deported, you dont need extradition agreements.

Apparently not between different parts of China that has internal self-government. (or is regarded as a rebel “Province of China”)

The riots in HongKong that I experienced were when Mao’s Little Red Book was published in the sixties. The riots quieted down when a Battalion of Gurkus moved in to the barracks in New Territorys. They didn’t have to do much, their reputation did most of the work.
There is a warts and all display at the museum in Tsim Sha Tsui showing each decade of life in HongKong from the early 1800’s.


When you were in China were you ever held prisoner in Manchuria or sent to any of their re-education camps?

For the sake of China, I’m glad it is you that made the above comment & not a native Chinese or a Chinese official. If it were, anybody or any nation could humiliate China anytime they wanted if China fears the sensation of being humiliated so much.

One of the reasons China executes so many & has their re-education camps is because they feel humiliation so much. They have a lot of humiliation ahead of them as with the rest of the world. It’s on almost every page of every history book. Humanity isn’t going to suddenly change now.


What the rest of the western world doesn’t like about China. NZ has a well deserved reputation for horticultural science. A group of Chinese were invited to tour an establishment developing new varieties of apples. They were stopped at the airport with cuttings stolen from the orchard. A bit like being invited to dinner then stealing the silver and given the central control their actions would have been sanctioned at the highest level.

No I was not. Neither were I afraid of being robbed, or beaten by anybody (Police included) I was never followed by “minder” or anything else of the things you hear and read about.
I have never been insulted or in any manner discriminated against in China, (Except during the Cultural Revolution)

But then I can eat anything, know Chines table manners and how to use chopsticks. Nothing irritate the Chinese more than foreigners that behave like they are some superior beings, will not eat what is on offer and do not want to even try to eat with chopsticks.

I do not speak or understand Mandarin and my smattering of Cantonese only work in HK and (to a extent) in Guangdong,
I remember eating at a hotel restaurant in Tengu (Tianjin), were the food was fairly b land. I asked for Chilli, (in English and Cantonese) Blank look.So I called my wife in Singapore for help.
To me there was not much difference between the Cantonese and Mandarin (Lachu / Lachai) , but suddenly they brought at least three varieties of chilli

Eating alone at small restaurants and coffee shops with no English menu is usually no problem as they usually have pictures on the wall of their signature dishes (Or plastic replicas a la Japan)
At street stall you just point at the ingredients on display,
No problems as long as you are not afraid to try. (and sometime fail)

PS> It is MUCH better to be with a group of Chinese friends that know their way around town and speak the local dialect.

This doesn’t make much sense (common, or otherwise)
The Chinese are sensitive to humiliation because of their history of being humiliated by Westerners. Foreigners with a superiority complex still exist. They are not welcome in China and, if they still come and still show it, they MAY be discriminated against.

Whether the Chinese are more or less tolerant of critisism by foreigners than the Americans can of course be debated, but I suspect you will win the 1st place hands down. .

BTW; there are more prisoner in US than in Chinese, both per capita and in real terms. Not sure about execution, but I will google it. The US MAY not be far behind, especially in per capita terms.

One piece of advise; don’t go to China with your attitude

A wise Chinese man once said, “Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.”. I’m going out on a limb here but I suspect you don’t speak for all Chinese or for all future Chinese people. Humiliation & shame are some of the best teachers humanity has ever had. To say they will never again visit the proud & perfect people of China only highlights your misunderstanding of our nature. The Chinese will never again repeat errors that deserve shame & humiliation? Come on? Perhaps it is you with your narrow mindedness
& condescending tone who should stay in your cave?

I think all this humiliated crap is just nasty propaganda from the CCP and the average chinese person doesnt have an issue with it.
The CCP drums crap into people from cradle to grave.
Look what they have done during the wuhan crisis,
its not a problem, - put doctor in prison
ok it might be - sack local government for badly handling it
ok lockdown but not really
lucky we contained it in one city - laughable as we now know
it came from italy - laughable
The news of that couple from wuhan that probably infected the whole of italy changed from they visted a church in Codogno and another near Padova, to they flew into milan and then went to Rome and felt sick…then the CCP flew in a plane load of supplies and doctors…
It came from Africa so lets lock up all africans in hotels, which they did then that backfired so they had to say thanks for helping us with the wuhan and here is your bunch of flowers and fruit on return home.
3000 died ok maybe 30,000, we may never know but it could well be in the millions.
In a country where the average hospital doesnt even have soap how many masks would they have, not many hence the huge global harvest of masks…yet its under control.

The CCP are humiliating the population in front of the whole world.They behave like children.
They are currently ramping up the nationalist fervor much by being very racist but as those that have traveled there know the Chinese are typically very friendly.
The golden rule is the CCP ( the lost generation of Mao’s little helpers) must stay in power and thats all that counts the population comes second so they must sacrifice for the collective.
We all know what happens if a local even questions the CCP even if overseas your family will suiffer in China, such a lovely regime. It is certainly easy to draw parallels with a nasty regime in Germany a few years before mao, maybe they took notes?
Unfortunately with the damage to the global economy China, due to its huge export based economy will be suffereing badly which will cause the CCP to shift the focus so its somebodies elses fault, just watch.

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That is right, they will NEVER repeat the mistakes that made it possible for foreigners to dictate to the Chinese nation the condition of their relationships with the western world.
NOBODY will be able to send gunboats up the Yangtze or Pearl River to impose their will on the Chinese, ever again.

Narrow mindedness belong more a caracteristic with you than with me.
I have a broad and global mind, not coloured by one sided information and lack of exposure to, or acceptance of, other opinions.

Get out more!! But not to China, in your case. (You MAY get exposed to reality)

How did you manage to get so many conspiracy theories and fanciful fantasies into one post?
You have access to more reliable information in Singapore, if you want it.

It is kind of if some vocal people in NYC should go on a rampage and demand independence and “freedom” from the scabbling and corruption in Washington DC. (Throw in Buffalo with it)

Hong Kong is an integral part of China and could not manage on it’s own.
Unless the US is prepared to take over and pay for the upkeep of Hong Kong, of course. (A place with no resources. no oil and no strategic importance)

That’s a good one. I’m the same way only I know better than to say so out loud. To say it makes you seem like a bildungsphilister.

EDIT: I’m going to add that I just came across the word bildungsphilster this morning. I felt that I had to use it right away. This thread seemed like the best fit.

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