Homeland Security International

Does this company really exist. I see headhunters advertising for them but I can never find out anything about the company itself. I think they are just a front for farming email addresses.

orginally part of blackwater, a seperate division within the company. They changed their name after the incident over in Iraq, with the killing of innocent civilians several years ago. Same company, but a shell game with the names. Their preference is in prior service ex-military spec-op operatives. Vessel does exist, good luck on gaining employment…best advice is, latest name they go by is Xe.com, look under career opportunities to see if they have any open positions within the marine operations department…remember, the security vessel is being operated as a subsiderary to Xe.com…i.e., Blackwater. Officially, the vessel is part of Blackwater Marine Solutions, it is the ex-uscg NOAAS McArthur (S 330), decom back in 2003. It’s home port is Norfolk, Virginia. My own personal feeling, there is plenty of ex-military personal they can recruit from to man their vessel and have a very good support system for world-wide work. As far as Homeland Security International, they are just collecting resumes to form a wide availability list that match their cut off specs for review by their HR staff. Anyone who has sailed and have experience on the vessel should post their opions so all may learn. P.S.-you had better have prior military experience with small arms qualifications in mulitple weapons to even have a chance to land this job. Best wishes to all, sincerely, 2/M Sailorahoy

Additional note, the positions onboard the vessel are considered contract, so on the Xe.com website, look at the listings for contract positions. If you wish, you can try applying via the BEARS online application process as an open unsolicited application. At present, no current openings. Hope this information has help to answer your questions. Sincerely, 2/M Sailorahoy

Thanks for the info. I had applied for Blackwater previously as I am a former Little Bird Pilot. Then after the incident you described hiring came to a stop. So I tried the C12 positions in Afghanistan and received a call last April asking me if I was still interested, but Obama couldn’t get off his ass and adopt a policy so everybody stopped hiring. But spring is coming and that means Poppy season so if I don’t go back to sea I am sure I will be flying somewhere.

great to hear you like to fly low and fast…Xe.com does from time to time hire pilots and helo pilots…like you, I had applied as well, never heard back either…my background was in Tomahawk and Harpoon Cruise missiles…good times, but I love my job on the bridge of whatever vessel I happen to be upon. Keep your head up and know you do have options…perhaps I would recommend the following website for your review, esp. if you have world-wide availability.

Noureddine Jouniari
> International Staffing group
> 870 cedarcrest ct
> Sarasota fl 34232
> Ph:941-366-5428
> Fax:1800-426-2406

check the website out, I almost got a position in Saudi Arabia but my background did not include maintenance on CIWS weapon system. Let you decide on the quality of the site…let me and the rest know how your progress continues and I hope this gives you some aid in your job search.

Sincerely, 2/M Sailorahoy

One additional note to all, the website listed is highly specialized and if you do not have the qualifications, [B][U]Do Not[/U][/B] bother applying. The work entails working with the Saudia Royal Navy and Air Force and must be able to pass the security background check and work visa. There is a immediate need for qualified applicants, with excellent benefits.

Sincerely, 2/M Sailorahoy

The McAuthur is for sale, has been for some time.

Thank you for the update, sorry for the old data on the McAuthur. The ship is in Spain, for the low low price of $3.7 million dollars as of Jan 4, 2010. As of Jan 16, 2010 the vessel is now being considered by another security firm, Marinerisk. Sad state of affairs. Sincerely, Sailorahoy.