Maritime Security

I Have nineteen years experience in the Law Enforcement field/ SWAT and Security. I am seeking a Law Enforcement/ Security position aboard a vessel. I have done some research on the internet and sent CV to various companies that provide vessel security. If any of the members here, know of a company or work for a company that is currently hiring or may be hiring in the near future for this type of work please contact me at I will be happy to forward my current CV.

Have you ever worked aboard a vessel? The marine environment is a very different platform when engaged in any activity. You may want to investigate some maritime training first. That said, it looks like a great time to pursue a career in vessel security and I am sure there will be a spot for you somewhere. Good luck.

No, Sir, I have never worked aboard a vessel. I have been told that any activity aboard a ship is a different experience. I don’t have any maritime training as of yet but with my background, training and experience I hope, I will be hired and then sent to training, if not, I will get the training on my own, thanks for the message.

The best thing you can possibly do at this point is to go spend two weeks on a boat, be it a tug or a ship, in the nastiest winter weather you can find. You’ll know after the first day or two if you’re really interested in doing this. Good luck!

@Swat commander:
I can sense the displine reading your lines. And thats the first thing that is important on board. You are a good raw material for onboard // or ship security.

Secondly - disregard what capt. Anonymus just said. Pirates do not operate in ice conditions and winter weather conditions.
Pirates operate largly in following areas:
Somalia - subtropical climate, and mostly moderate to calm weather conditions. Its not harsh weather environment. Except in time of moonsoons, but then pirates dont operate. its harsh for them as well.

Nigeria, and west equatorial Africa, calm sea. Many off shore companies operate there. Some people kidnapped and taken to jungle. Some compnaies have a menagers living ashore //. So for you it means: possible hostage situation // or rescue missions in jungle-like enviroment.
Malaria (take pills)

Malacca strait - piracy decreasing there, calm sea, piracy is ussual armed robbery, no hijackings. Minimum hostages taken.

South america, small thieves with cold weapons or small arms.

If you like, send me PM, and will pass to you some real piracy attack reports to sea how they operate.
Capt Anonimus is just giving you some greenhorn initialisation of his choice, as you are rookie on the forum, and a greenhorn in shipping. Disregard him.

Just send me PM. Then will talk.

Consider getting STCW Basic Safety Training. It will probably make you more employable.

SwatCommander: above information is good, esp Jolly & JDCavo. contact Hess this week re their Equatorial Guinea Ops (after looking at a globe and finding out who that country’s neighbors are). I’m there right now busy expanding the Okume field and security is a buzzword since there have been a couple “incidents”. If you need further assistance send me an email.
See you at the pizza place in malabo.
fair winds,

Have you applied here?-

At a minimum- you’ll need an MMC and twic if working aboard US flagged vessels-

In addition- most will want BST. The more training-the better- as I’m sure you already know.

Blackwater, Sig Sauer and others offer vessel specific security training. I’d recommend a a small boat hadling/ PSC class as well- for vessel interdiction/boarding.

If you had mmc,twic,bst, and your small arms/cqb experience- I’m sure you could find something.

As it stands- your lack of maritime experience will be considered a hindrance by most.

Where are you located in California- so we can recommend some maritime schools/classes?

Happy holidays-


Here’s another link, I’m sure you can Google up more of them:

In addition to the good training advice already given, I also suggest the available Military Sealift Command (MSC) training;
Anti-Terrorist Level I Awareness Training (available on line),
Shipboard Security Tactics (SST) with Baton Certification (may not be available if not crewed-up),
Small Arms/Use of Deadly Force Training for 9mm Pistol-12GA Riot Shotgun-M 14 Rifle. (available to the public)
Fast Rescue Craft Training would be useful.
Also consider Morse Code Visual Signaling/Flashing Light.

mr Cavo is rigth,
additionaly people with basic safety stcw cert in Europe can make a seamansbook.
If its the same in US, do it. (I am not sure for US)

The specialistic training - they just told you about. To me it sounds ok.
Again, if you need info on pirates, send me pm for official reports.

I thank all of you for your advice considering this matter, however when I decided to enter law enforcement I didn’t have any prior training, true enough I was sent to the police academy but the academy didn’t guarantee that I would last as a cop on the streets. In my career I have been in situations where I could have lost my life, numerous times over but I wasn’t about to quit, never crossed my mind.

I really enjoy tactical work, kicking in doors, rescuing citizens, executing high risk search warrants. I said all that to say this, I believe in my self, my skills and my team and I am a very driven individual and I do what it takes for me to succeed. I understand this is a public form and I know that people will post their opinions but unless you know me, please don’t tell me or advise me what I can and can’t do.

I know in my heart that a rocking ship/boat in the nasty of weather isn’t going to bother me the same way I knew fighting a suspect, high speed chases wouldn’t either. Once again thanks for the advise

Perhaps I am reading your responses wrong, but it appears as if you feel that people are “telling you what to do”, when in fact all I read was advice on certain legal first steps in order to work on any US flagged vessel. (except for capt A, but it is still not bad advice even if a bit cynical) The training is required of any seaman regardless of specialization. There are occasionally people who are on ships but not considered part of the crew and perhaps that is what you are thinking, but Basic Safety Training is still an excellent idea, it could save your life in non law enforcement scenarios. There were also some ideas for employment search. I thought that was what you came here for.

Disregard good advice if you want to, but this is the same advice I give [I]anyone [/I]who is thinking about a maritime career. I’ve gotten a few “thank yous” from folks who decided to stay on the beach, and not waste a lot of time and money.

There is no “security officer” position on a regularly manned merchant vessel. Now, some vessels may choose to hire independent security contractors, and that may be an avenue that you may wish to persue, or even set up a business to offer that kind of service. Of course some training, or at least familiarization of ship structure, livestyle or exposure to shipboard life would be helpful. Short of getting the training and documentation that has been posted before me, and then signing on as a crew (which could take some time), I believe that the position that you are seeking does not exist. Certainly the carriage of weapons by crew members is strongly discouraged, to say the least.

Before you get too excited, I will add this:
In 99.5% of the cases - the vsls do not see pirates, or experience anyattacks.

  1. In normal conditions, the life on board for security officer will be boredom. However, if you operate,say in GOA, most probably you will jump from one ship to another, which will get you in some routine.
    The chance to see the pirates there would be somewhat higher - because the companies which may hire you will spend additional money because their vsls are high risk vsls: slow speed, low freeboard, etc…

  2. Action: In my proffesional judgement the top action you will have is exchange of fire between the ship and pirate skiff. After they realise they are held at gun point, they will not approach the vsl. And will not board.

If the pirates are seen and the shots fired - the master will inform security forces - and the cavalary will deal with them later, within their own (very slim) legal restrictions.
There will not be any arrests for you make. The navy will do it.

Ok, guys, first off, thanks for all the good advise, I really appreciate it. I guess what I was trying to say is this, if a company (security companies providing this kind of service) gives me a chance I know I can do the job. I was also trying to say that I have good tactical background for this type of job so I apologize to you all.

Swat, why the big interest in the vessel security? Do you feel the money will be better than what you have been engaged in? Are you bored? Need to get away from CA? Just curious.

I like to help people and defend against thieves trying to steal what doesn’t belong to them. As far as the money goes from what I have read, the pay isn’t bad but depends on the company. I’m not bored but this type of work appeals to me. I have often been told I have an A type personality so I guess it comes with the territory. My current job has its share of pit falls and I’m ready for a change.