Home Run

My son (Splash) just hit one out of the park. As much as I’d like to elaborate, I’ll let him tell the story. I just wanted to thank y’all for the info and advice. We’ll be returning the favor to others if we can.<br><br>Thanks again,<br><br>Nemo

Yes I did hit a home run! I have a job with Edison Chouest aboard the “Fast Tender”. Thank you to all of you guys who helped me and gave me advice, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without ya’ll! Hope to see some of ya’ll guys along the way. I do have a question for some of you guys at chouest, what all is involved in the orentation? I go over there in the morning to do a physical and fill out all the paper work and start orentaion monday or tuesday, just wondering what all is involved.

Brand new crew boat. You can’t get much better than that. Best of luck to you Splash. Having a 100 ton and getting with a company that has larger boats is setting yourself up to succeed. The opportunity to increase your license will be easier (If you choose to upgrade) with a company that has larger boats. Sometimes people have to leave companies just to upgrade, but you will not have that problem here. The training center is designed to make your upgrades easier. Best of Luck. I do not know what the orientation is, but I suspect it will be basic stuff.

Congrats, that is good news.<br><br>You guys had me worried about my trip down there next week with all that doom and gloom for a while there. Hope I have as much luck!<br><br>Enjoy the weekend!

Patrick,<br><br>I hope you have the same luck as Splash. Don’t worry… If you keep after it I’m sure you will find a good position.<br><br>Thanks Guys. The information available on this forum is great. Please keep it comng. We will keep ours updated.<br><br>Bucky Deihl<br>Keller, Texas<br>Port O’Connor, Texas<br>Reedville, Virginia<br><br>Take over, Splash…I’m done!

Patrick, all I can tell you is keep after it. I went to Chouest first on my first day here and they told me that they did’nt have anything to offer me. Well I went to every place that I could find with the same response, we dont have anything rite now. So after I went everywhere that I could find I went back to Chouest and tryed again and got it. So my best advice is to just try and try again. Good Luck!

Captain Lee, how can I find specs and a pick of the “Fast Tender”? I cant seem to find anything on there web site.

<P>Congrats! Splash.<br><br>BTW, did you try Horbeck Offshore? I’m just wondering what they had to say.</P>
<P>It also my give Captain_Pat some info on another Company to apply to.</P>

<P>Try Breaux Brothers or Breaux Baycraft. I can tell you it is a quad screw…I think. 4ea 3412 Cats. It is a good 25-30 knots boat, unless they are turned down some. Standard 300+ tons Deck cargo. Around 90-95 foot of deck space. Around 18000 gallons of Diesel. I am unsure if it is DP, but I don’t think it is. They are very nice looking crewboats, though.</P>

<A href="http://www.shipbuildinghistory.com/history/shipyards/5small/active/breauxbros.htm]http://www.shipbuildinghistory.com/history/shipyards/5small/active/breauxbros.htm</A><br><br>It is at the bottom, but it does not say much.<br><br>Here is a small insert: <br><br><font face=Verdana color=#333333>Over at Breaux Brothers Enterprises, Vic Breaux tells me they have delivered the latest in a long series of 165-foot crew/supply vessels, the Fast Tender, to United Marine Holdings, better known as Edison Chouest Offshore. Several more of these vessels will join the ECO fleet this year.<br><br></font>

Yea they’re turned down. I’m on the Fast Temptress right now waiting for a permanent spot to open up when the new crewboat hits sometime in October. We doing a steady 24 knots. They’re sweet handling boats though. Rarely have to take it out of clutch to move it. They have 2 tunnel thrusters, one is a PTO pump off the number 3 and the other has it’s own C9 to power it, but these boats have to much power that I’ve only ever seen the need for them to be used is when we were down an outboard engine. <br><br>The only down side… No auto pilot. <br><br>Chouest runs with 5 hands and 2 captains on the crewboats so expect to share a room with the guy opposite your watch, and be prepared to go out on deck and rig if asked. <br><br>I think the tender has DP but I’m not sure.<br><br>Orientation is were you just go around and fill out all the paper work, get your ID made, go over insurance, and benefits. That type of thing. Also have you take the Safe Gulf class and rigging if you haven’t already.<br><br>After you get settled in take advantage of the training center. Chouest takes all the leg work out of getting your bigger license. Chouest has some of the best pay and the best equipment so you really nailed it on your first time out. <br><br>Good luck and see you around.

Thanks Jem! I hope to put a face with the name sometime. I am really looking forward to getting down to Fourchon and out in the Gulf. Its really going to be a learning experience for me as I have no oil patch experience. I have a couple of questions for you if you dont mind. What kind of electronics package do these crew boats have on them, radar, vhf,ssb, plotter, computer, fathometer? If there is an onboard computer do they have net access? Acomidations, I know you said that I will have to share quarters with someone but are they fairly decent size rooms? And last but not least what do they offer at there training center? Thanks in advance!

You got a PM<br><br>Sure I don’t mind answering questions. <br><br>These use a combo GPS/fathometers from faruno and while these boats dont have chart plotters these have the card slots for them when its decided that we need them. They use MT AIS and JRC radars. You have a ICOM VHF at each seat forward and aft for a total of 3. I think the SSB is ICOM, but its only there for emergancies. For some reason Chouest is a Mac shop and there’s one in the wheel house, but all its used for is logs and keeping up ISM and other boat business. <br><br>As for net access you got to roll your own out here. Check out this <a target="_blank" href=“http://gcaptain.com/maritime/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=449&page=1]thread for more info. <br><br>The <a target=”_blank" href="http://www.chouest.com/TrainingCalendar.html]training calander is down right now, but when it comes back up take a look at it to get an idea of whats avaliable. The short of it is every class needed to get your AB and 500 ton OSV is avaliable at the traning center. <br><br>HAHA- Room on a crewboat. Thats funny. Hope your not clausterphonic. My walk in closet at home is about the size of the rooms on board, but thats par for the course with crewboats. <br><br>Hve fun and see your around.<br><br>Side note, I thought with your dad titling the thread Home Run you had got a job with Rigdon on there boat the Home Run.

JP,<br><br>I forgot Rigdon had a boat named “Home Run”! One of those big Electric/Diesel boats I believe.<br><br>No plotter on those boats? That’s suprising. They’re not really high-dollar items…but I guess 50 or 60 of them would be.<br><br>Nemo

Congrats splash! I thought your were on a Rigdon boat too, with the Home Run. I’m on the Rigdon boat 1st and Ten and run across the Temptress, Spirit, and the other “Fast” boats all the time. Always seems like good folks on those boats. Congrats again!<br>Doc

Jem, thanks again! I cant beleave those boats dont have plotters! The AP I can understand, they always want someone at the helm, but no plotter? Do any of the guys bring there latops with nobel tech or one of the other plotting softwares? And as for room I’m used to being in close quarters! The room that the guy oppisite of me and I shared on the little tug that I was on was refered to as the couphin, when you walked in you better be facing the rite way cause there was no room to turn around! As for the title of the thread, after I got the job I called dad and told him that I was in the bottom of the ninth with two strikes and the bases loaded, but I hit a home run! And yeah I would say that I did! I think Chouest has endless oppurtunity for me!

Hey Splash,<br><br>As I am heading down this week, I of course have a list of companies from all the posts here on gcaptain, as well as a few of my finds from the net.<br><br>I was wondering if you have any extra addresses to add to my list that weren’t mentioned here earlier? If so could you post them<br><br>Also did you happen to come across anyone last week specifically looking for 500 ton capts or mates? <br><br>Thanks and good luck on the fast tender.<br><br>Patrick

Patrick, no I didnt really come across anyone looking for 500 ton mates or captains.Im sure people were looking but I didnt really pay attention to that, as I was so concentrated on 100 ton master 200 ton mate stuff. As for companys not sure what you have on your list but here is what I found:<br>Edison Chouest, GOL, Abdon Callais, Seacor(they were looking for 500 ton people now that I think about it),Rigdon, C&G boats, Diamond Services, Harvey Gulf International, Hornbeck, KMJ, CE Boat rentals, LM Boatruc, Tidewater( dont even waste your time there they wont let you in without an appointment), Candy Fleet, Odyysea,there are plenty more that you will just stumble up on when you get down there. Just keep your eyes pealed and take a look at the phone book too! Good Luck!