Holy evaluations batman!

11 Dec - Application submitted to Houston REC
Status reports on USCG website:
11 Dec: in transit
15 Dec: passed security & medical vetting
16 Dec: awaiting PQEB
17 Dec: being evaluated
17 Dec: received the following email “Your application for a Merchant Mariner Credential has been evaluated and approved pending successful completion of a Coast Guard examination.”

That’s pretty cool, but I just heard from a buddy of mine that just got the same email that the REC didn’t get any notice from NMC so he can’t take the exams yet. He’s more than ready, but he’s stuck in a holding pattern because the evaluators at NMC are in some kind of training thing and won’t send out the list of modules. Extremely frustrating for him. Call your REC immediately to see if you are good to go.

No kidding, thats great…Congratulations …